Sharon Bulova, Janet Oleszek and Megan McLaughlin: A Great Combo for Braddock and Fairfax


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    • Will Radle

      We are dealing with important issues in Fairfax County.

      In a recent conversation with Dr. Gerry Gordon, who has been the leader of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority since 1983 – before the incumbent joined the Board, I asked his opinion on what attracts families and employers to our community. His answer: jobs, education and quality of life services.

      During the incumbent’s term as chairman, Prince William County has taken our competitive edge in creating jobs. They pay their public employees more competitively. The incumbent has been cutting education and quality of life services.

      She blames the economy; however, Prince William County had a greater loss in the great recession with more foreclosures despite a smaller population.

      The incumbent has been cutting education funding. We have 12,000 more students than 4 years ago with greater diversity including students with special needs. FCPS has less funding, larger classroom sizes and teachers have lower take home pay.

      Education is our highest priority and the incumbent chairman has been divesting.

      Year after year, the take home pay of Fairfax County teachers, firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and sheriff deputies has dropped every year she has been chairman.

      Teacher take home pay down, classroom size up, school funding down, student population and diversity up by over 12,000.  The incumbent is going the wrong direction

      Each Vote Matters

      Support a candidate who would make a modest investment of $830,000 to help 100 children living in poverty in Fairfax County access early childhood education


      Support a candidate who did nothing to help children.  She instead hoarded $28,690,000 for unspecified use in 2013 when immediate past Chairman of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee Scott Surovell advocated for children in need on September 13, 2011.  We already had over $100 million in rainy day funds.  The choice is clear.

      Support a candidate with experience, vision and innovative plans that match your values or wait to see who stands in four years.  I am committed to our long term future.  If elected in 2011, I will stand for re-election in 2015 to provide accountability and continue the fight for our community’s highest values and to invest in our highest priorities.

      Together we will maximize our alliance for change and achieve fair treatment for Fairfax County taxpayers and students.

      It is time for a new generation to carry the torch for progress!