Tell the DPVA Central Committee it’s time for a change!


    (I fully support this, not that the DPVA gives a crap about that (in fact, support from the “evil bloggers” will almost certainly prompt them to get their backs up and do the exact opposite). – promoted by lowkell)

    Ahead of the December 3rd DPVA Central Committee meeting, it’s important that we voice our displeasure with the current state of the Party. We all know a change is needed. Some have blogged here that they think Brian Moran should resign. Some have argued for less radical, but still fundamental changes. Whatever you believe, we need to make sure that our voices get heard. Sign the petition and let them know you’re unhappy.

    Most of us can’t be on the Central Committee. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help set the agenda at the upcoming yearly meeting. Don’t let them coast. Don’t let them off the hook. Don’t let another year go by without the substantial shift in policies and conduct that we need from DPVA.

    At the beginning of the legislative session, the Republicans will control every branch of Virginia’s government for the first time since Reconstruction. This is unacceptable! No matter where you land on how drastically things should change, we can all agree that something substantial needs to be done.

    Sign the petition and let DPVA know what you think. Let’s give them constructive solutions and real ideas for change that they can discuss on December 3rd.

    And for a refresher, be sure to review the flood of smart and biting commentary on the subject here at Blue Virginia.

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    • Elaine in Roanoke

      The DPVA is stuck in a past that no longer exists. The old Byrd Democrats (think Lacey Putney) have, for all intents and purposes, become Republicans. The conventional “wisdom” of the Old Guard of the DPVA doesn’t know how to reach out to and bring into leadership positions the minorities that form a base that doesn’t feel invited to vote and get active in every election (think turnout in 2008 by minorities vs 2009 and 2011). The DPVA doesn’t have a message, doesn’t have an answer to the question that must be answered in ordered to reach voters: Why should I vote for the Democrat.

      As Paul Goldman noted in a blog post, Democrats once owned education as an issue. Now, they don’t. Can you name other issues that Democrats in Virginia own? I can’t.

      This party has more problems than just an invisible chair with a dubious job. In far too many parts of the state, the party isn’t really alive. The committees consist of an ging old guard that doesn’t know how to grow the party.

      The solution? We need regional organizers who will build the party in places where it is weak. We need a chair with passion for the 99%, not the 1%. We need to learn how to run a true coordinated campaign. We need candidate recruitment on the local level. We need….You name it, we need it.

      We are where the Republican Party was when they reached their depths. It’s time to pick ourselves up and do something about it.  


    • is that there’s very little sense of urgency, anger, or any of the things there SHOULD be after three straight, devastating years for Virginia Democrats, not to mention the House Dems losing 7 seats. To my way of thinking, anyone who hasn’t had a fire lit under their butts after this shellacking should just quit right now, because they’re just taking up space. Also, anyone who thinks that Virginia Dems don’t need major changes in the way things are done is clueless and should step aside from someone who “gets it.” Of course, these same people won’t even see this comment, or others like it, and even if they do they’ll just laugh it off, or say “it’s those crazy bloggers again,” or “what a bunch of naive fools,” or something like that. And thus the train wreck continues…

    • Will Radle

      strengthen families and communities. The party has lost its way focusing more on power preservation while families and communities are struggling.

      We stand for innovative solutions uniting Democrats, Independents and Republicans. We work to win friends and influence people in maximizing the alliance for Virginia families.

      Economic growth is not a partisan issue; neither is smart job creation and effective investment in education and transportation.

      We listen and take responsible action. We work to unite our community around our shared best interests, our highest values and investing in our greatest priorities.

      A. Will Radle, Jr.

      Creating a Culture of Listening

    • Tom

      The Steering Committee meeting (Fri., 2 Dec.) and the Central Committee meeting are DPVA quarterly meetings, not yearly meetings. The party officer elections occur every four years unless a current chair resigns before his 4-year term expires, which of course is how Brian came to be elected out-of-cycle when Dickie Cranwell resigned after he was re-elected chair. The only “yearly” DPVA event I can think of is the annual JJ Dinner fundraiser in Richmond in Feb.

      If you want the petition to carry more credibility, I suggest that you correct the wording to reflect the fact that this is a quarterly meeting; otherwise it makes petition-signers look like they don’t know much about the basic rules (Party Plan, de-facto by-laws) and how the Steering Committee and Central Committee function.

      I mention the Steering Committee specifically because that’s where pressure can be brought to bear on Brian to try to convince him to resign. Both meetings are open to the public, except in the rare event when the Steering Committee has a closed session to discuss a “personnel” issue such as an attempt to force removal of an officer. So far as I recall, the state Party Plan has no provision for a closed session – the Central Committee would normally vote for or against a SC recommendation of removal if the offending officer refuses a Steering Committee resignation demand.

      Sorry to get a bit off-topic, but I though some background from the Party Plan might make it more clear why the petition wording should be accurate for reasons of credibility. Thanks for the petition initiative. I’ll sign it as soon as the wording is corrected.


    • Tom

      I meant to say that so far as I recall their is no state Party Plan provision for a Central Committee closed session. I believe a (rare) closed session only applies to the Steering Committee.