Thanks for the Invite?


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    Update 11/23: – DPVA 1st Vice Chair Gaylene Kanoyton has been contacting all of the petition signers this morning telling us we can expect to hear from Moran soon. So at least somebody’s paying attention.

    Today, DPVA circulated an update to the agenda for the Dec. 3rd Central Committee meeting. Many of you read and signed the petition, Monday, demanding change in DPVA’s policies and structure. Lo and behold, a brand new agenda item appeared today! Dare we say it was a success?!

    Strategic Forum & Work-Groups (Peninsula Room)

    Begins 20 minutes after Central Committee adjourns and will end at 2 PM. This session provides an opportunity for Democrats to offer ideas, share their opinion and engage in productive discussion about the Democratic Party in both an open forum and in breakout groups. This session will also review the progress of the DPVA Strategic Plan adopted in 2010.

    That sounds great! Oh, but wait. I’m sorry – you weren’t invited. This very special “opportunity for Democrats to offer ideas” is only available to the members of Central Committee and local committee chairs. And I don’t know about you, but even if I was invited, 10 days notice for a meeting in Hampton is a tough sell for a working, family person.

    So once again, we see that DPVA’s planning and strategy is “open” only to insiders and party elites. So much for grassroots input!

    Are you as fed up as I am? Tell DPVA what you think. Demand a change by signing the petition!

    • NotJohnSMosby

      It’s not a town hall meeting, it’s not a community forum.  Its a quarterly DPVA meeting, not a bitchfest for every Dem in Virginia to go to and complain.  If that were the case, it would be a very unproductive 12-hour session, right?

      You should instead complain to your local committee and to the CD committees.  It would be much more effective that way.

    • Will Radle

      of insularity, division and power politics permeates our culture.

      People are expressing a consistent message. They do not feel heard.

      Together we will create a culture of listening.

      A. Will Radle, Jr.

    • Mike1987

      back in my email that I was not interested in a conversation. Only resignations, mass resignations. I hope Bulova and Marsden listen or they lose my support next go around.

    • The Richmonder

      In the end, what progressives must do is capture control of their local committees and the central committee and send lobbyists and those who get their positions through nepotism packing.

    • Eileen Levandoski

      Yes, we need reform, top to bottom. Is there a petition I can sign that just demands that? I don’t have time right now (nor the expertise) to get more hands-on involved in pushing for this reform. However painful it will be, I’ll try to get more active with my local Dem committee. It needs reform too, but a lot of its problems start further up the food chain.  Very exasperating time to be a Virginia Democrat!!!  

    • Tom

      I haven’t been able to locate the agenda for either the Fri. eve. Steering Committee meeting or the agenda for the Sat. A.M. Central Committee meeting/post-meeting sessions on the DPVA web site.

      If you have access to the agendas for both meetings plus the Strategic Forum and Work Groups session, could you post any of these that are releasable to the general public (I don’t think the SC agendas are normally released to the public, although the meetings are open)?

      As for the lack of an invitation, that’s not really a problem for a person like myself who is not a member of either committee because it’s easy to ask one of the members I know personally to ask a question or make a comment on my behalf.

      More basically, though, the reason I’m attending is to listen to the discussions and especially observe the reactions and responses from the DPVA chair and his supporters and those who may be openly calling for his resignation(e.g., Peter who has already demanded Brian’s resignation very publicly in another diary).

      Short version: Can you post whatever agenda detail you have, or can obtain ?

      I am pleasantly surprised at the response you’ve received from Gaylene. This is the first time I’ve seen or heard anything from Gaylene since she won election as DPVA 1st Vice Chair for Organization when Susan Mariner ran against her. Gaylene said at that DPVA Central Committee meeting in Charlottesville that if elected she would be visiting with all the county/city committees frequently, but that was the last I heard from her until now. It is encouraging that the 1st Vice Chair has actually read and responded to the petition.


    • totallynext

      Brian Moran attending FCDC meeting on Tuesday.   He was very open and honest.  Admitted that he reads the Blogs, understands the frustration.  So in my opinion this is a first step, many in the past leadership did not even acknowledge the grassroots and brushed them aside out of hand.

      So – of course in FC we had a great cycle – lots of cheering and gratulations!  But I listen to 4, 5 leaders say “We have to get our message out”  We need messaging, blah blah… Not a one, not ones running for FCDC chair, not a past Congressional Candidate, did they say or give what the message should be!  The only one that continues to have a succinct message that should be adopted by the Democratic Party of Virginia was from Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins.   She continues to be the only one that consistently states, what Democrats do, how we govern is an investment, an investment to protect just as much as protecting your stock market investments.  

      She has continually said – Democrats Invest!

    • Dave

      …when a few of us here had most of the Dem bloggers in Virginia all coordinating and working with the DPVA and were on the verge of having them sanction a Netroots Caucus? And then remember how the Moran campaign decided to a) create an ego-centric social networking site and blog directly competing with the DPVA’s own and b) burned the entire Blue Commonwealth experiment to the ground because of personal vendettas? Anyone remember that?

      Let’s not pretend that Moran is any friend to the netroots community or cares at all about disseminating message.

    • sbroy2013

      INTERESTED?!?!? Stop talking… Lets DO IT!!! Email me: