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Top Virginia Democratic Donor: Not a Penny More Now That Sickles is Caucus Chair


Over the years, Newport News attorney – and super Democrat – Len Bennett has given VERY generously to Virginia Democrats — $262,904 to be exact.

Now, in the aftermath of Democrats’ crushing defeat (third year in a row!) in the elections a couple weeks ago, Bennett’s clearly not pleased (note: he gave me permission to write about this on Blue Virginia):

Congrads to Mark Sickles (R) who is owned by the PayDay Lenders, Banks and Car Dealers.

And – FYI – I will not be supporting the House Dems, so do not call me Dels unless your conversation starts with: “I strongly opposed Sickles for Caucus Chair”

Of course, we could say the same thing about Dick Saslaw, in terms of being owned by the car dealers, payday lenders, etc. Ugh.

By the way, I hear that after Sickles defeated Onzlee Ware for caucus chair this past weekend, several members of the black caucus, including Ware and (of course) the egregious (corrupt, bigot) Lionel Spruill walked out and never came back. One big happy family, eh?

  • Mike1987

    Leaderless, Visionless, Odorless, Tasteless, Colorless, Useless

  • Will Radle

    Thank you for taking a strong stand for our shared values and principles.

    I strongly opposed Sickles for Caucus Chair.

    Even though I reside in Sickles’ district, I actively, publicly advocated for Scott Surovell.

    In fact, when I made a principled stand for Fairfax County Chairman to STOP cutting education funding, increasing students per teacher and reducing teachers’ take home pay year after year, I created and actively distributed a flyer supporting Delegate Surovell’s stand on September 13 to enable 100 children living in poverty access early childhood education.

    The incumbent did nothing. She did not make the modest investment; instead she hoarded $28,690,000 for unspecified use in 2013.  We already had a rainy day fund exceeding $100 million.

    On September 13, Scott Surovell was speaker 9 and I was speaker 10. You can see him leaving the podium as well as my speech before the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors: http://www.youtube.com/willradle1

    Everything I say in this public forum is verifiable.

    I am the writer of the only comprehensive economic and fiscal plan Representative James Moran has ever submitted to the Congressional Budget Office for analysis.  My target is to double the US economy at least once every decade.  

    The plan attracts trillions of dollars in active investment in the US economy, keeps our promises to American workers and our families, provides universal health care, eliminates our deficit and lowers our debt.  

    The key is ECONOMIC GROWTH.  I would be happy to provide more information. My email: FairfaxAdvocates@gmail.com.

    Thank you for letting me share.  It’s great to know you are taking a stand for our shared values and principles.

    A. Will Radle, Jr.

    Creating a Culture of Listening




  • kindler

    While I totally agree that VA Dems need to be “occupied” (to use the vogue term) by the grassroots and steered in the right direction, I have a little trouble seeing the value of a “not one penny more” pledge.  

    Boycotting the Dems was the same brilliant idea of the Naderites in 2000 that gave us 8 years of George W. Bush.  Show me an alternative other than giving the Cuccinellis and Dick Blacks of the world total control of the state.  

    Show me a plan — and don’t just jump off the bus without one.  

  • Will Radle

    for every politician to listen to the ideas and concerns of the people. It is TIME for responsible action.

    Hopefully, they will take the wake up call from Mr. Bennett.

    Politicians must bring the solutions we need OR get off the stage, NOW!

    To me, politics is about winning friends and influencing people.  As one with a vision and a plan, I actively seek support from Democrats, Independents and Republicans, for REAL SOLUTIONS.

    Together we will create effective, sustainable solutions to the challenges confronting our nation.

    A. Will Radle, Jr.

    Creating a Culture of Listening