Virginia Polls are Closed: Results Thread


    Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss today’s elections and the results as they come in. I’ll start posting returns as soon as they are available. Also, you can follow the returns at the Virginia State Board of Elections website and at VPAP. If you hear anything interesting, please post it in the comments section. Thanks!

    UPDATE 6:27 am: In Prince William County, Corey Stewart defeated Dr. Babur Lateef by 31 points (58%-27%). Supervisor Frank Principi also won easily (61%-39%), over Chris Royse in the Woodbridge District.

    UPDATE 6:20 am: In Fairfax County, in contrast to Loudoun, Democrats did fine, with Sharon Bulova, John Foust, Penny Gross, and Linda Smyth cruising to reelection over Republican opponents. On the School Board, it looks like whatever revolt there was basically fizzled, as it appears that incumbents and Democratic-endorsed candidates overwhelmingly won yesterday. Also, Stan Barry won easily (54%-45%) for Sheriff over Bill Cooper.

    UPDATE 6:17 am: The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will be all Republican (York, Volpe, Buona, Clarke, Williams, Higgins, Letourneau, Reid, Delgaudio). Terrible news for the environment and everything else, including sanity.

    UPDATE 6:07 am: In the House of Delegates, Ward Armstrong lost 53%-47% after spending a gazillion bucks. “Sideshow” Bob Marshall cruised to reelection (60%-40%) once again, while Mark Dudenhefer easily defeated (56%-44%) Esteban Garces.  Adrianne Bennett didn’t come close to Ron Villanueva (57%-43%), and Pam Danner didn’t come particularly close (55%-45%) to Republican attack dog Barbara Comstock. David Bulova had not problem (58%-42%) dispatching Brian Schoeneman, and Dave Albo crushed (62%-38%) Jack Dobbyn. Scott Surovell cruised (58%-40%) to reelection, as did Luke Torian (61%-39%). Connie Brennan lost by 12 points to the execrable Matt Farriss, while William Barlow lost by 11 points to Rick Morris. Jim LeMunyon defeated Eric Clingan, touted by some as a potential threat to LeMunyon, by 19 points. Guess not. Robin Abbott lost by 3 points to Mike Watson, while Mike Kondratick came within 50 votes (5,431-5,381) of David Ramadan. Recount?

    UPDATE 6:00 am: Janet Oleszek appears to have lost, 12,489-12,117, in Braddock District. So close, but yet so far. Also, frothing-at-the-mouth crazy Dick Black will now be frothing-at-the-mouth-crazy Senator Dick Black. It looks like “Sideshow Bob” will have company in Richmond! Chuck Colgan, after all the angst about his seat, ended up winning easily, 55%-45%, as did Dave Marsden (54%-46%) over Jason Flanary, Toddy Puller (55%-45% over Jeff Frederick, Phil Puckett (53%-47%) over Adam Light and George Barker (53%-47%) over Miller Baker.

    UPDATE 11:16 pm: I just heard that Edd Houck lost. Apparently, there was some sort of compilation error earlier, because it seemed like Houck had it locked up. Argh; down to 20-20, it seems.

    UPDATE 11:06 pm: Uh oh, it now looks like Edd Houck has slipped slightly behind Bryce Reeves in the 17th Senate district. Could we now be looking at a potential 20-20 tie in the State Senate, not the 21-19 Democratic majority which seemed likely just a little while ago? It sure looks possible.

    UPDATE 11:05 pm: It looks like another nailbiter election for Janet Oleszek. This thing could come down to the absentee ballots, maybe even a recount because it’s so close. Stay tuned on this one!

    UPDATE 11:04 pm: Also great to see my friend John Foust winning easily over Dennis Husch for Dranesville district supervisor in Fairfax County. Go John!!!

    UPDATE 10:53 pm: Sen. Roscoe Reynolds has lost, but it looks like all other incumbent Democratic Senators will hang on, resulting in a 21-19 Democratic majority in the State Senate. My prediction, which I thought was a bit optimistic, had been 20-20. Republicans, in contrast, were practically giddy prior to this election, “measuring the drapes” so to speak. Well, sorry, but it looks like counting chickens before they hatch remains a bad idea. Apparently, Bob McDonnell, Ken Cuccinelli, et al. forgot that lesson (or never learned it in the first place?).

    UPDATE 10:44 pm: For Fairfax County School Board, Meghan McLaughlin looks like an easy winner, as do Pat Hynes and Dan Storck. Kathy Smith holds a decent lead, and Janie Strauss holds a narrow lead. For the at-large School Board seats, the three Democratic-endorsed candidates — Moon, McElveen, Velkoff — are all leading right now, but not by large margins.

    UPDATE 10:38 pm: In Loudoun County, it looks like Mike Chapman is easily defeating Steve Simpson and Ronald Speakman for Sheriff. For the Board of Supervisors, it appears that raving lunatic Eugene Delgaudio will win again. It boggles the mind. Ken Reid and Kelly Burk are in a tight race, as are Andrea McGimsey, Shawn Williams and Cliff Keirce. Stay tuned, but it definitely looks like solid Republican control of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

    UPDATE 10:35 pm: More good news. It looks like Stan G. Barry is handily defeating Bill Cooper for Sheriff of Fairfax County/City. Congratulations to Stan Barry!

    UPDATE 10:33 pm: Good news in Henrico County, where Shannon Taylor defeated Bill Janis and Matt Geary for Commonwealth’s Attorney. Congratulations!

    UPDATE 10:11 pm: With just 2 precincts left to report, and Sen. Roscoe Reynolds trailing by 645 votes, it appears that he will go down to defeat tonight. 🙁 That brings the State Senate to 21-19 Democratic, with several races still outstanding, but Dems leading in all of them as of now.

    UPDATE 10:07 pm: In Falls Church, the referendum on moving the date of municipal elections from May to November passed by a 2:1 margin. Most importantly, that means The Green Miles is very happy right now! 🙂 Also, in Arlington, County Board members Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada easily won reelection. Congratulations!

    UPDATE 10:04 pm: With just 3 precincts left to report, it looks very likely that Sen. Edd Houck will hang on in the 17th district, most likely clinching continued Democratic control of the State Senate. I’m definitely not ready to call it yet, though, with several close Senate races still with precincts yet to report…

    UPDATE 9:49 pm: Sen. Edd Houck now leads by 37 votes with 91.3% of precincts reporting. If Houck holds on, and if Roscoe Reynolds is the only incumbent Democratic Senator to lose tonight, then Dems will keep control of the State Senate, 21-19. Several races, however, are still too early to call (although all are leading), including Phil Puckett, Chuck Colgan, Dave Marsden, George Barker, and Toddy Puller.

    UPDATE 9:46 pm: Congratulations to newly elected Arlington/Falls Church Commonwealth’s Attorney Theo Stamos. Also, mazel tov to Adam Ebbin, the first openly gay (also Jewish) State Senator in Virginia history — he will do a great job, I’m sure!

    UPDATE 9:45 pm: Sadly, it looks like bully/xenophobe Corey Stewart is cruising to reelection as Prince William County Board chair over Babur Lateef. I certainly hope that Lateef stays involved in Democratic politics after this election, as he’s a great guy with a lot to offer! On a happier note, Sharon Bulova is also cruising to reelection as Fairfax County Board chair over Spike Williams. Congratulations to Sharon Bulova! Oh, and in Alexandria, Ed Semonian crushed Christopher Marsten for Clerk of Court, despite some nervousness among Alexandria Dems about this race.

    UPDATE 9:40 pm: Not seeing any particularly good news on the House of Delegates side. Still hoping Mike Kondratick pulls it out, but it’s not looking great right now. Bummer.

    UPDATE 9:35 pm: John Cook now leads Janet Oleszek 4,002-3,812 in Braddock District, with 9 precincts counted. As for Ward Armstrong, I’m really not seeing how he can pull this one out, as he trails by 6 percentage points with 88% of precincts reporting.

    UPDATE 9:31 pm: George Barker is ahead of Miller Baker 58%-41% with 33% of precincts reporting. It’s possible Baker could overcome Barker’s big lead from the Alexandria part of the district, but I doubt it at this point. We’ll see…

    UPDATE 9:22 pm: Edd Houck is now leading by 4 votes (!) with 87% of precincts reporting in the 17th Senate district. Can’t get much closer than that! Dave Marsden and Toddy Puller are also leading, which means that only Roscoe Reynolds is currently trailing out of all the Democratic Senators. Go Roscoe!!! Oh, and Janet Oleszek is now trailing John Cook 3,461-3,342 in Braddock District, with 8 precincts counted (18 more to go).

    UPDATE 9:13 pm: Ward Armstrong now trails 53%-47% with 83% of precincts reporting. This one’s looking done. Adrienne Bennett also is going to lose, as she trails by 14 percentage points with 89% of precincts reported. Roy Coffey is losing by over 30 points to Del. Scott Lingamfelter in the 31st House district. Pam Danner is trailing Republican pit bull Del. Barbara Comstock 56%-44% in the 34th. Del. David Bulova appears to be cruising to victory in the 37th. Connie Brennan trails by 13 points with 84% counted – that one’s over, sadly. 🙁 William Barlow is trailing by 7 points with nearly half of precincts reporting in the 64th House district. Mike Kondratick trails by 8 points with 18% of precincts reporting against David Ramadan in the 87th House district. And Robin Abbott is losing by a 51%-49% margin with 88% of precincts reporting.

    UPDATE 9:10 pm: Right now, three Democratic Senate incumbents are trailing — Dave Marsden with just 14% of precincts reporting is behind by 0.1 percentage points; Roscoe Reynolds is behind by 1.3 points with 92.6% reporting; and Edd Houck is behind by 0.1 percentage points with 76.8% reporting. Assuming Phil Puckett hangs on, Houck and Reynolds will almost certainly decide control of the Senate.

    UPDATE 9:05 pm: Babur Lateef trailing Corey Stewart 57%-28% with 18% of precincts reporting. Wonnnnderful. On a happier note, Janet Oleszek leads John Cook in Braddock District by 61 votes with 6 precincts reporting. Go Janet!

    UPDATE 9:00 pm: Sadly, I think Roscoe Reynolds is going down to defeat tonight. He trails Bill Stanley 47.1%-45.2% with 91.7% reporting. Sigh… On a happier note, Toddy Puller has now pulled ahead of the heinous – albeit always entertaining – Jeff Frederick, 52%-48%, with 27% of precincts reporting (Fairfax County finally starting to come in – yay!).

    UPDATE 8:55 pm: Right now, it doesn’t look like either Bert Dodson or Shawn Mitchell are going to pick up Senate seats currently held by Republicans, as many Democrats had hoped at some point in this campaign season. Dodson trails by 16 points with 62% counted. Mitchell trails by 10 points with 6% of precincts counted.

    UPDATE 8:50 pm: Chuck Colgan leading 54%-46% with 26% of precincts counted. Barbara Favola looks like a sure winner, as she’s crushing the not-even-close-to-ready-for-prime-time Caren Merrick 71%-29% in Arlington County. Back to being an entrepreneur for Merrick, I guess. Bye bye 🙂

    UPDATE 8:47 pm: Not looking strong for Ward Armstrong right now, as he trails 51%-49% with 76% counted. Don Langrehr trailing by 24 points with 41% reporting in the 12th House of Delegates district. Not looking good there, obviously. Same thing with Esteban Garces, who is getting beaten soundly by Mark Dudenhefer in the 2nd House district. I hope that Garces will stay involved, possibly run again, assuming he doesn’t stage a miraculous comeback tonight of course. 🙂

    UPDATE 8:43 pm: Edd Houck now trailing, 50.2%-49.6%, with 62% of precincts reporting in the 20th Senate district. Lots more to come from Albemarle, which is good for Houck, but also from Spotsylvania, which is not. Hmmm.

    UPDATE 8:40 pm: John Miller leading 50.9%-48.9% with 87% of precincts reporting. This would be an important victory, as many thought Miller could lose. Also, Ralph Northam is winning easily over Ben Loyola in the 6th Senate district. Nice.

    UPDATE 8:35 pm: Right now, the Democratic Senate incumbents trailing are Roscoe Reynolds (by 1.5 points with 69% counted), Toddy Puller (53%-47% with 15% counted) and Dave Marsden (52%-48% with 7% counted). Phil Puckett appears to be hanging on, now ahead 51.2%-48.7% with 70% counted. John Edwards also ahead, by over 14 points (with 63% counted), and Chuck Colgan ahead 53%-47% with 21% counted. Right now, it’s actually not looking so bad, assuming that Puller and Marsden pull ahead when Fairfax County returns come in. We’ll see…

    UPDATE 8:33 pm: Question — Why does Fairfax County always take so freakin’ long to report its results?!?

    UPDATE 8:32 pm: John Edwards leading 54%-46% with 44% of precincts reporting in the 21st Senate district. Roscoe Reynolds trailing 47.2%-45.7% with 68.6% reporting in the 20th. Del. David Bulova ahead 63%-37% with 22% (all Fairfax City) counted. Connie Brennan trailing by 12 points with 51% counted in the 59th House district. Not good.

    UPDATE 8:23 pm: Ron Villanueva is leading Adrianne Bennett by 15 points with 39% of precincts reporting in the 21st House district. Not looking good there at all.

    UPDATE 8:19 pm: Not looking good right now for Esteban Garces in the 2nd House district, trailing by 35 points with 40% of precincts reporting. Ward Armstrong now trailing, 51%-49%, with 55% of precincts reporting.

    UPDATE 8:16 pm: George Barker up 69%-31%, but it’s all in Democratic-friendly Alexandria’s west end; let’s see what Fairfax and Prince William look like when their results start coming in.

    UPDATE 8:12 pm: Roscoe Reynolds now trailing by 2.8 percentage points with 51% of precincts reporting in the 20th Senate district. Phil Puckett is looking pretty good, leading by nearly 6 points with 43% reporting. Edd Houck trailing by 4+ points with 22% reporting. The Senate’s looking VERY shaky right now!

    UPDATE 8:10 pm: It looks increasingly like Bert Dodson won’t be able to beat Tom Garrett in the 22nd Senate district, as he trails by 9 points with 34% of precincts reporting. That’s one Democrats were hoping to pick up.

    UPDATE 8:08 pm: Ralph Smith leading Brandon Bell by 15 points with 25% of precincts reporting in the 19th Senate district. Looks like that gamble will NOT pay off for Dick Saslaw and Company.

    UPDATE 8:05 pm: Ward Armstrong up by 61 votes with 43% of precincts reporting. I’m not sure what to make of the results showing David Bernard leading John Watkins 67%-32% with 52% of precincts counted in the 10th Senate district. Also, SBE and VPAP definitely have a big mistake with Adam Ebbin supposedly trailing Tim McGhee 67%-33% with 35% of precincts reporting in the 30th Senate district. Uh, don’t think so!

    UPDATE 7:56 pm: The big problems for the Democrats in the Senate right now are Edd Houck (trailing 52%-48% with 20% reporting), Roscoe Reynolds (trailing 49%-44% with 39% reporting) and John Edwards (trailing 59%-41% with 9% reporting). Still very early though. Also, Bert Dodson is trailing 56%-44% with 24% of precincts reporting.

    UPDATE 7:50 pm: Ward Armstrong leading 51%-49% with 21% of precincts reporting in the 9th House district. Connie Brennan trailing Matt Fariss 59%-35% with 20% of precincts reporting in the 59th House district. Blech.

    UPDATE 7:43 pm: Roscoe Reynolds trailing 48%-46% with 26% of precincts reporting in the 20th Senate district. Barbara Favola leading by a huge margin, 74%-26%, with 11% reporting in the 31st Senate district (it’s only Arlington reporting so far, though, not Loudoun or Fairfax).John Miller leading by a 55%-45% margin with 13% of precincts reporting in the 1st Senate district.

    UPDATE 7:40 pm: Barbara Favola leading Caren Merrick 74%-26% with 3.7% of precincts reporting in the 31st Senate district. Phil Puckett leading 56.5%-43.5% with 10.7% of precincts reporting. Bert Dodson trailing Tom Garrett 56%-44% with 8.1% of precincts reporting in the 22nd Senate district.

    UPDATE 7:35 pm: John Miller off to a narrow, 51%-49% lead with 5.8% reporting in the 1st Senate district. This one will almost certainly be a nail biter.

    UPDATE 7:30 pm: Phil Puckett is off to a 54%-46% lead with 5.4% of precincts reporting in the 38th Senate district. Roscoe Reynolds trailing 64%-30% with 2.5% reporting in the 20th Senate district.

    UPDATE 7:25 pm: Results starting to trickle in, will soon become a torrent.

    UPDATE 7:02 pm: VPAP says, “Not a scientific exit poll, but 49% of 300+ who played ‘VPAP Final Forecast’ said GOP will control Senate.” Also, “VPAP has called all uncontested races. Awaiting first returns from SBE.”

    • fuzed

      The vpap link (1st) has an extra “”” in it.  the second one in the update work

    • Mallsus2

      a real ray of hope for us

    • It’s going to make for an interesting night, as Fairfax & Loudon come in later

    • Eileen Levandoski

      Go David Bernard!

    • TXIconoclast

      Bernard is actually losing.  The VPAP is using the State Board of Elections numbers and the SBoE has screwed up in terms of Chesterfield County.

      The AP has 19 of 22 Precincts in for Chesterfield and give Watkins 9,039 to Bernard’s 4,179.

      The VPAP says it has 22 of 23 precincts in, yet have zeros in everything.

      Added together and it’s 10,671 for Watkins and 7601 for Bernard.

    • Ceeville1

      Houck will get some good precincts out of Albemarle.  All of them should go Democratic by a decent margin with the exception of Woodbrook.  Woodbrook can go either way.

      It will be interesting to see what happens in Spotsylvania and how the Democratic margin in Albemarle will factor into the results.

    • hrprogressive

      That Barbara Favola was elected to the State Senate.

      That’s pretty good news, isn’t it?

    • lsockett

      Yeah for Arlington and yeah for Barbara Favola!  

    • kindler

      Not unexpected, but good news nevertheless!

    • kindler

      …with Oleszek and nail-biters?

    • Eileen Levandoski

      to see John Moss leading in Virginia Beach City Council race. Yeah, tea party!

    • NotJohnSMosby

      We’re doing pretty well up here, all across the board.

    • kindler

      …but FYI, the right winger that Cuccinelli endorsed for KY AG (P’Pool) got crushed.  Always good to see Cuccy lose in his lunatic crusades.  

    • Just in from closing the polls at Bonnie Brae. The state board of elections did not provide spreadsheets to quickly and accurately go down the many lists of names. I finally gave them a copy of my FCDC tabulated results to make it easier on everyone, or we could have been there another hour or two without anything actually going wrong.

      Let me say categorically that the sheet was used by election officials only for tabulation ( and during that time I did not personally touch it, although I sat next to the person as he filled it I’m and double checked everything. These are NOT the official forms, but having a spreadsheet to do the tabulations would have saved us even more time before we figured out this and probably many other precincts are stuck with scratch paper and trying to decipher handwring.  

    • richmonder

      Shannon Taylor deserves a huge shout-out as she defeats the unbearable Bill Janis for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Henrico. The GOP vote was split, as Matt Geary’s sad personal situation turned Republicans to Janis, who ran as an independent. But no matter why it happened, it’s a happy outcome.  

    • DanielK

      Sheriff Barry’s numbers are holding strong so far with 40% reporting!!  

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      registrar has released nothing.  Unofficial counts reported by party observers in MOCO suggest Edwards will win his Senate race.  I don’t see us being able to reverse already lopsided HoD victory by radical “right” TeaParty nihilist (cut taxes shutter government functions) Joseph Yost.  Sigh!

    • Cool_Arrow

      While it is still very, very early and not all precincts are the same my back of the envelope calculation has Barker winning by 1,258 votes. He is holding up okay as well per my analysis. One perfect example of this is the West Springfield precinct. In 2007 he won it by 184 votes in his narrow win. That precinct is in and he won it again in 2011 by 185 votes. Not all precincts are made equal obviously but that is a good sign there. Those deep blue Alexandria precincts are looking very nice for him now; gave him a 2,350 vote margin.  

    • KathyinBlacksburg
    • sonofkenny
    • Dan Sullivan


    • Dan Sullivan


    • Cool_Arrow

      What just happened with Houck? He was leading by about 125 votes a bit ago with only a Fredrickburg precinct in heavily blue territory and is now behind almost 200 votes? A tabulation error of some sort?

    • Dan Sullivan

      20 of 27 precincts: 8718 to 8618!!!

    • lsockett

      Who would cast the winning vote, the VA Lt. Gov?  He/she is a Republican, right?  So this is not a great result, right?  

    • Dan Sullivan

      A race the Webb grassroots cares a lot about. Looks like she keeps her seat on the School Board despite Loyola winning the county!

      Go Jen!

    • truthteller

      How could she lose by nearly 500 against an inexperienced opponent in turf that largely overlapped with John Miller? Was this a caucus failure? She was an amazing Delegate and was campaigning super hard. I think with how decimated our Delegates caucus will be – Minus 4 seats (best case) — minus 5 if Kondratick doesn’t win on recount, we have to look introspectively at what went wrong and then turn to accountability….

    • glennbear

      State offices were unfortunately unopposed so no good news for Dems down here. On the local front Bobby Hawkins won the sheriff’s race against long term incumbent Danny Fox after running against him for the second time. It is of note that during their first match up several deputies found themselves unemployed after the election with the word on the streets that the terminations were politically motivated which energized Hawkins to run again this time around. Part of his election platform was that NO deputy would be let go after the election.

      On another note, due to redistricting I found that my polling place had changed to a business several miles away. When I went to search for it I found that the name on the building did not match the name on my voter card (Crowder driver improvement school on the building vs Sunshine furniture on my voter card) I also saw several campaign signs fairly close to the entrance.

       When I went to vote yesterday I took along my measuring tape and there were campaign signs and folks handing out campaign materials within the 40 foot exclusion zone. The poll official called the chairman of the election board who showed up shortly thereafter and the exclusion zone violations were corrected and he said that polling place identification issues would be addressed prior to the 2012 election.

        When this gentleman had first arrived he had exhibited some tension which I think was a result of the fact that in his 1 year tenure as board chairman no one had complained about polling place violations and here I was with my (Gasp!) San Francisco emblazoned sweatshirt rocking the boat. After a conversation it turned out that he too was a transplanted Yankee and had fled the same fastest growing county in NJ just a few years before me. There are those who would see my polling place antics as petty but to my thinking with voters rights under attack across the country Virginia SBE laws should be vigorously enforced before they are eroded.