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Even Rupert Murdoch’s Paper Says Dems Schooling GOP on Payroll Tax


The Wall Street Journal (the print edition of Fox) editorializes today on The GOP’s Payroll Tax Fiasco:

The GOP leaders have somehow managed the remarkable feat of being blamed for opposing a one-year extension of a tax holiday that they are surely going to pass. This is no easy double play. […]

At this stage, Republicans would do best to cut their losses and find a way to extend the payroll holiday quickly. Then go home and return in January with a united House-Senate strategy that forces Democrats to make specific policy choices that highlight the differences between the parties on spending, taxes and regulation. Wisconsin freshman Senator Ron Johnson has been floating a useful agenda for such a strategy. The alternative is more chaotic retreat and the return of all-Democratic rule.

How badly are Democrats owning Republicans right now? As Josh Marshall writes at TPM, GOP senators up for re-election are nearing a state of panic. And Steve Benen at Washington Monthly points out, President Obama is seeing jumps not just in his overall approval rating, but is seeing gains as more trusted to defend the middle class and handle taxes than Republicans.

Next time anyone tries to tell you Democrats are bad at messaging, can’t stay united, and always find a way to screw things up, remember today. It’s been 13 months since Republicans swept to victory in the Congressional midterms, and what have they done with that opportunity? This morning, President Obama’s re-election prospects have never looked brighter. So how are you going to help make it happen?

  • the House Republicans have done — to Republicans’ 2012 electoral prospects, that is. Will this enormous f***up all but guarantee Barack Obama’s reelection (especially given his already improving poll #s, as well as the increasing percentage of Americans who say the economy’s getting better), and also doom BONEr/Can’tor’s House majority? I think it’s possible, if they don’t reverse course quickly and dramatically (and even if they do, the damage has still been done to the Republican’ts – such as shame, eh?).

  • Jim B

    If there is such a thing as an average repug he or she is pro life, extremely religious and or extreme gun lover, but not that much different from the rest of us. They pay SS and if they lose a job get unemployment and maybe even food stamps. When they get old they get SS and medicare. Again same as the rest of us, but they vote for these clowns here in Va and the rest of the country that want do away with SS, medicare, food stamps and any other program they can deem as going to poor people.

    As Maddow explained on her program last night they are demonizing any program as being for the poor. An example she used was the attempt to include a resolution that prevents millionaires from getting unemployment. Doesn’t happen, but it plants in peoples minds that unemployment is only for poor people. If the average repug followed their stupid leaders they would renounce SS and the like too. But, I doubt they will give up their SS and medicare.