Mitt Romney Embraces Ryan Plan to Destroy Medicare, Jack Up Costs to Seniors


    According to PolitiFact, “the idea that the Paul Ryan budget proposal would ‘privatize Medicare’ is Mostly True.” According to Time Magazine, “If Ryan’s plan is adopted as is – and it won’t be – absent an individual mandate but with guaranteed issue and community rating, private insurance prices in the individual and small-group market would go through the roof. This would lead to more uninsured Americans.” An analysis by the Chairman’s Staff of the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Senate finds that under Ryan’s plan, “Health Care Expenditures Would Double for Elderly in Every State.” The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says that “seniors would end up paying almost twice as much out of their own pockets – or more than $12,510 a year.” Ouch. Finally, as the Center for Economic and Policy Research explains, under the Ryan Plan:

    rising health care costs will quickly make a Medicare equivalent plan unaffordable to most beneficiaries. Also, since costs rise as beneficiaries age, a Medicare equivalent plan will become less affordable to the same beneficiary as she gets older. Finally, this plan implies a huge transfer of income from beneficiaries to health care providers and insurers, since the cost of delivering the same quality care will be substantially higher under Representative Ryan’s plan than under the existing Medicare system.

    That’s what Mitt Romney is strongly embracing, in his desperate (pathetic) attempt to beat back Newt Gingrich. Every senior citizen in America needs to know this, as does everyone who’s currently counting on receiving Medicare when they retire. And, needless to say, none of those people should vote for Mitt Romney.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      The ongoing threats to seniors by this bizarre bunch of ragtag misanthropes who would do anything to harm the elderly, whom they assume will just roll over and give up,  amounts to elder abuse.  

      Seniors shouldn’t have to worry almost daily that Medicare will be destroyed by the disciples of Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, and Grover Norquist.  If the GOP succeeds, it  will next target senior’s homes. Oh, wait, they are already doing that via their free pass to Wall Street to seize, even wrongfully, people’s homes.

      But with no Medicare or GOP killing off affordable health insurance, even more seniors will find their homes seized for Medical treatments they probably didn’t want or need, but which was ordered up for them by a for-profit hospital. For example, did you know that an uninsured person could find a bypass can cost $250,000 for them while only cost about $60,000 for an insured person?  And this high-tech treatment isn’t always justified, but is in fact over-prescribed. Without Medicare, a single trip to the doctor could result in a bill that could result in the loss of an entire month’s pension. But the GOP pretend presidentials want to screw over old people.

      There is a reason the GOP has tried, and continues to try, to dump old people and minorities off the voter rolls.  If they are successful, then old people won’t have the means to fight back and vote them out.