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PPP: Newt Crushing Mitt in Virginia; Cucc Kicking Bolling’s Butt


Hot off the presses, check out PPP’s new poll results for Virginia.

*Newt’s “at 41% [in Virginia] to 15% for Mitt Romney with no one else in double digits. Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry at 8%, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul at 6%, Jon Huntsman at 3%, and Gary Johnson at 1% round out the field.

*”[W]e took a very early look at the 2013 GOP primary for Governor and again find Ken Cuccinelli with a big early lead over Bill Bolling, 44-25.”

*”There continues to be very little appetite for a Tea Party challenge to George Allen in the Republican Senate race.

Actually, I’m surprised that Cuccinelli’s not leading Bolling by more than 44%-25% Where Cuccinelli’s trailing Bolling is interesting: among Huntsman and Romney supporters, among “moderate” Republicans (but oddly, not among “liberal” Republicans, whoever those people are!), and among Democrats. That does not bode well for Bolling in a Republican primary or convention, but we’ll see; maybe Virginia Republicans will have moved back a bit towards sanity by then? Naaaaah, who am I kidding?!?

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The PPP poll, while it may well be a valid reading of the moment, surveyed a very small universe and has an error rate about 5%. So, the poll results are interesting but may be limited in validity.

    That said, I am not surprised by the results. A corrupt, venal Washington pol, a fanatic rightie who has abused the office of Attorney General, and an intellectually challenged ex-governor…about right for the typical GOPer to give support.