Rep. Connolly: “How the GOP Grinch stole Christmas for 160 million Americans.”


    Here’s Rep. Connolly’s statement, which I strongly endorse. What’s wrong with these House Teapublican’ts exactly? Are they on crack, are they off their meds, or – more likely – are they only interested in cutting taxes if it’s for the top 1% (screw the other 99%, the Koch brothers and Grover Norquist don’t care about them)? Sure seems like it.  Anyway, enjoy the (House) Teapublican Tax Increase, everyone, because they’re 100% the ones responsible for this situation (perhaps we should all send snarky thank-you notes to Eric Can’tor?).

    Mr. Speaker,

    It’s Grinch time in Washington, Mr. Speaker. One is incredulous that House Republicans would oppose a tax cut for 160 million Americans.  But that is just what they are going to do today.

    Is this bill perfect?  No.  There are aspects upon which both sides disagree.  But it is the area of agreement that should be the most important – Congress stops playing hostage politics and halts the tax hike on 160 million fellow citizens.

    Saturday’s Senate vote was 89 to 10, not just liberals I say to my friend from South Carolina, with all members of the Senate leadership, Republican and Democrat, voting in favor.  If House Republicans vote against this compromise, they will ring in the New Year with a tax hike of their own making.

    If House Republicans were serious about wanting certainty as they claim, they would vote for this bill today – and guarantee that 160 million Americans won’t pay higher taxes on January 1st.

    Mr. Speaker, rejecting this bill and holding up the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits will be a true example of how the GOP Grinch stole Christmas for 160 million Americans.

    • Teddy Goodson

      that Obama requested a year’s extension of the payroll tax holiday, for once, haha, they agree with the President(!), and that a 2-month extension is just more kicking the can down, etc., etc., and, anyway, the extension has to be paid for by more cuts to the federal budget—– the House Repubs are proud of this narrative, or so they say, as if they are standing up for the real Americans who dwell outside the Beltway, and are anxious about the deficit.

      Considering how poorly austerity and cut-cut-cut is working in Europe to “solve” the euro crisis, I think it is about time for the Democrats to get on their high horse and point out how Republicans with their austerity-cut meme are destroying any hope of real recovery in this country, so why don’t we stop playing their game? Or, are Obama and the Inside the Beltway Democrats so beholden to Wall Street and corporotists themselves that they are afraid to speak up? Too bad Krugman and Stiglitz are not advisors to Obama.