VA Sierra Club & CCAN protest Dominion’s crusade against clean energy in VA


    Cross-posted from Article XI.

    On a windy but otherwise nice Wednesday afternoon, the VA Sierra Club, in conjunction with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) and volunteers, met at the front of Dominion VA Power’s headquarters in Richmond to protest its efforts to kill clean energy in VA.

    After stipulating its reasons for protesting in front of Dominion’s Richmond headquarters, the groups marched to the VA State Corporation Commission to deliver over 2,500 signed petitions that made clear the demand for clean energy in Virginia.

    But for Virginians who want clean energy to make a considerable dent in VA energy landscape, the road to that goal won’t be an easy one. Dominion has made it clear through its actions that it is willing to spend more money promoting its green intentions (i.e. marketing) than actually implementing clean sources of energy that Virginian’s can use.

    Dominion VA Power is not above the economic laws of supply and demand. The supply of clean energy technologies is readily available as well as the demand for these technologies in VA. If Dominion does not get on board with the demands of Virginians, Dominion will not only lose the good-faith of its customers (even more than it already has), it will eventually lose out on the opportunity to take advantage of the “green wave” that will soon overtake America’s “energy portfolio.”  

    • No Party

      If the Sierra club wants to work on something where they can actually make a difference they should be working to make sure the ban on Uranium mining stays in place.

    • No Party

      That is great news.People need to know the dangers of mining Uranium are alot worse than the rewards.

    • glennbear

      Dominion’s recent lobbying efforts paid off with the approval of their “standby” charges for solar panel users thus discouraging their use by using an economic roadblock. They have an effective monopoly using fossil fuels and will do whatever it takes to protect that monopoly.

    • No Party

      Personally this doesn’t seem to be a Republican vs Democrat issue.Uranium mining will have house/senate members of both parties that will vote to keep/lift the ban.Why does every issue have to be Republican vs Democrat issue ? Uranium mining is bad for ALL Virginians.Virginia Uranium is doing a good job making it all about job creation which is complete BS.The problem we all have is Virginia Uranium has alot of money to buy votes from both parties.Mark my word House/Senate Democrats and Republicans from Southside Va will vote against lifting the ban but the ones from other areas will vote for it.Just my two cents.

    • No Party

      If Robert Hurt wants to get back to Chatham fulltime just let him come out for lifting the the ban on Uranium mining.The majority of the people in Southside Va care alot more about clean air/water than making Va Uranium millions of dollars.If Hurt comes out in favor of lifting the ban he will pay dearly for it.Look im all for creating jobs we need jobs bad in Va but 40 short term jobs isn’t worth destroying our water and air forever.