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Iowa GOP Caucus: Everybody Loses


The Final 2012 Iowa Caucus Results are AnnouncedIs it possible to have a caucus that no one wins? The results from Iowa sure look like it:

  • Mitt Romney has been campaigning for president for six years. He’s spent millions of dollars of his own campaign money and has been backed by tens of millions in spending by shadowy outside groups (thanks, Supreme Court’s awful, activist Citizens United ruling). Romney only managed 24.6% – 0.6% less than in 2008.
  • Extremist social conservatives certainly didn’t support Perry (10% & clumsily indicated he’d drop out), Bachmann (5% & possibly dropping out this morning) or Cain (1% & already out). But even with supporters of controlling theocratic government consolidated behind him, Rick Santorum couldn’t win.
  • Despite an alleged ability to draw independent & liberal crossover votes and what his supporters claimed was an infusion of people traveling to Iowa, Ron Paul still finished third

It’s hard to see a path to victory for anyone but Mitt Romney – phony, lying, corporations-are-people Mitt Romney. The real question at this point: Will Republicans set aside their dislike of Romney & unite in their hatred of President Obama behind him anyway? Be so dispirited by Romney that down-ballot Congressional races swing to Democrats? Turn to a third party candidate like Paul? What do you think?

  • He de facto won the nomination, as nobody who’ll be left after last night can challenge him. But at the same time, he showed himself to be a very weak nominee, with minimal enthusiasm among the Republican base, and even hostility from Ron Paul supporters. Something tells me the mood is pretty good in Chicago Obama HQ right now.

  • Jim B

    What concerns me is the voters. During all this Iowa charade that was shone on TV I never heard a single intelligent comment from a potential voter. Channel 9  had a reporter who supposedly found a couple of democrats against Obama and for Romney. What they said didn’t make any sense either.  

  • Good riddance, now please GO THE @#$@#$ AWAY!!!

  • How is it that things constantly are being written under Ron Paul’s own name, that he then later claims he had no knowledge of? Let’s assume he’s telling the truth and did NOT have knowledge of these writings: what does that say about his grip on his staff, his campaign, and ultimately the White House if he ever got to be president?