Libby Garvey Wins Arlington Democratic Caucus for County Board


    I just received this press release from the Arlington County Democratic Committee (ACDC), announcing that Libby Garvey won the Democratic caucus for County Board overwhelmingly (44%-22%-21%-8%-4%) over four opponents. Congratulations to Libby, who almost certainly will be the next Arlington County Board member!

    Libby Garvey Wins Arlington County Board Caucus

    Arlington, VA – The Arlington County Democratic Committee is pleased to announce that Libby Garvey will be the Democratic nominee in the special election for County Board being held on March 27, 2012.  Ms. Garvey was the winner of the Arlington Democratic Party’s County Board Caucus, held over two days on January 19 and 21.  Out of 4,314 ballots counted, Ms. Garvey secured 1,915 votes.

    The final vote counts were as follows:

    Libby Garvey 1,915 votes

    Melissa Bondi 966 votes

    Terron Sims 922 votes

    Kim Klingler 333 votes

    Peter Fallon 178 votes

    “This County Board contest was one of the hardest fought in recent memory, featuring five great candidates from various constituencies in Arlington,” said Arlington Democratic Chair Mike Lieberman.  “We are proud that Libby Garvey emerged from this caucus as our nominee.  She has been an outstanding School Board Member, and we know she will make an excellent County Board Member as well.  We look forward to committing our full party resources behind getting Libby elected on March 27.”

    • Dear Friends,

      We won! And when I say “we,” I mean just that. I could not have done this without your help. Your hard work, dedication, and gracious contributions to my campaign put us over the top. With your continued help, I’ll soon be a member of the Arlington County Board.

      I would especially like to thank the other candidates. It was a race between 5 well-qualified Arlington Democrats, and I’m particularly thankful for the kindness they showed me on the campaign trail.

      Finally, I’d like to thank the Arlington elected officials who endorsed me in this race: Senators Barbara Favola, Mary Margaret Whipple, and Patsy Ticer and School Board Members Abby Raphael and Emma Violand-Sanchez. Their assistance was critical in securing this victory.

      Tonight we’ll celebrate, but tomorrow, it’s back to work! As the nominee, I now face two challengers on March 27th. We still need your help to secure victory and make sure that experience and leadership win the day.

      If you can join us tonight, we’ll be celebrating our victory at the home of Dale Proctor, 1648 N Randolph St.

      Thank you again, and onward to March!


    • See here:

      1. Libby Garvey 43%

      2. Melissa Bondi 32%

      3. Kim Klingler 12%

      4. Terron Sims 8%

      5. Peter Fallon 5%

      Basically, I overestimated Bondi and underestimated Sims. Other than that, not too bad if I do say so myself. 🙂

    • Helen-

      Libby won big when a bunch of folks challenged her in 2008.  That year no one else got above 1000 votes (except for Emma who Libby pulled to victory).   I think Melissa and Terron did as well as anyone could do against Libby.  Libby is just a Arlington County Power House.  I mean this was a shocking number of votes to get when Libby only had three weeks to turn them out.  We all knew Libby was going to crush everyone.  I know the County Board will be better with her on it.  (Good luck Chris Zimmerman!)

      Go Libby Go!