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Meet Willard “Mitt” Romney’s For-Profit Pal in Virginia


Several of my Virginia progressive friends have forwarded me this New York Times article on Willard “Mitt” Romney and his love affair with the for-profit “education” industry/scam, so I thought I’d say a few words about it. First, here are a few key points from the article:

*Romney’s receiving a great deal of financial support from the for-profit “education” industry/scam.

*Returning the love, Romney is urging that “students should consider for-profit colleges like the little-known Full Sail University in Florida.” Tuition at Full Sail (yes, that’s really its name), by the way, is $80,000, “for a 21-month program in ‘video game art,'” although it comes with a “spotty graduation rate” (like most of the for-profit “education” industry/scam of just 14% on time and 38% total (see here for more on that subject).

*Romney’s enthusiastic support for the for-profit “Education” industry/scam marks a significant difference with the Obama Administration, which “has imposed tighter regulations on for-profit colleges and limited the role of private companies in student lending.”

For more on this heinous industry, see For-Profit Colleges Scam Military for $521 Million, Report Says, Passing the Buck on Default Rates, ABC News Investigates For-Profit Education Again: Recruiters Caught Offering Bad Advice, Executives Collect $2 Billion Running U.S. For-Profit Colleges, Report: For-profit colleges cashing in on veterans, The For-Profit Education Cesspool, Blistering FRONTLINE Story on For-Profit Education Industry Features Chief Lobbyist Harris Miller, etc., etc. Also recall that last June, Harris Miller was fired as  president and chief executive of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU), and was replaced by Brian Moran. Yes, the same Brian Moran who is also chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia. By day, he heads up a scam industry that rips off veterans and poor kids, engages in predatory recruiting practices, scams the taxpayer out of tens of billions of dollars (while rewarding its “university” presidents – not to mention the head of its chief lobbying organization – lavishly). As one of my Virginia progressive friends wrote:

DPVA, heal thyself! When our Chair and Mitt Romney have the same sleazy friends, something is very, very wrong.

As another wrote, “Not good news for Brian Moran when you (or your clients) are being touted by Romney and you are the Democratic chair…”  I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, most Virginia Democrats seem either oblivious or uncaring about this situation. What I fail to understand is why that’s the case. Any ideas?

  • Mac in Arlington

    Or better announce that you are resigning either from this cozy lobbyist job or from leading the VA Dems. It’s hard to see how you can have it both ways!

  • Will Radle

    Lowell, I find your comment particularly ironic when you say,”Unfortunately, most Virginia Democrats seem either oblivious or uncaring about this situation. What I fail to understand is why that’s the case. Any ideas?”

    I am running on a plan of positive action to create jobs, provide universal health care, increase household incomes, keep our promises by making Social Security solvent without reducing benefits, expand access to higher education at lower costs, attract trillions of dollars in active investment, double our GDP in the next 10 years, invest $50 billion more in K-12, and bring over $400 million to VA8 in new unfettered federal funding ANNUALLY while eliminating our deficit and reducing our debt.

    Yet, some in the establishment can’t see any reason why I am giving a primary challenge to a person who voted to kill FDR’s Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 shortly before we endured the worst recession since the Great Depression.

    Some in the establishment can’t imagine why someone would endeavor to bring effective solutions to over 100 million Americans living at or near poverty. The establishment thinks we’re doing just fine with the inside trader who sells GOLDMAN SACHS and 89 other companies the day after a bad closed-door report from Bernanke and Paulson.

    Please identify ONE landmark piece of legislation he has written in over 20 years. What would he do with 2 more years?

    Let’s see it again. What did you say? “Unfortunately, most Virginia Democrats seem either oblivious or uncaring about this situation. What I fail to understand is why that’s the case. Any ideas?”

    I am looking forward to your answer, Lowell.

    A. Will Radle, Jr.

    Creating a Culture of Listening

    Democratic Candidate for VA8

  • Will Radle


    I need to correct an error in the above statement. Where I said increase federal investment in K-12 by $50 billion more, it should read $100 billion dollars more annually.

    We will also expand access to higher education including vocational as well as traditional colleges and universities. Through an innovative program we will increase our investment by $50 billion dollars annually. Working with institutions of higher education through a competitive process, we will provide grants to students demonstrating academic merit and financial need. In this way, we will expand access directly through additional funding grants and indirectly through market-based competition among institutions.

    Our strong investment in education will expand opportunity and help generate unprecedented economic growth on a sustainable path to a better future.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    A. Will Radle, Jr.