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Paula Deen, the Keystone XL Pipeline & America’s Gluttonous Side


This week, we learned famed culinary fat food-pusher Paula Deen has diabetes, but only revealed it 3 years late to protect her cooking empire and is now hawking diabetes drugs winking that  – for a price – maybe you don’t have to do all those hard diet & exercise changes.

And then former oil company consultant Newt Gingrich blasted President Obama for rejecting Congress’ efforts to force him to approve the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline before TransCanada has even determined a safe route, even though it would kill jobs and raise gas prices.

Last night I was in Harris Teeter and spotted this combo package of DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza/Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies and wondered … isn’t gluttony #2 on the list of deadly sins? And doesn’t America claim to be three-quarters Christian? Talk about cafeteria Christianity.

But come on – there’s no money to be made in hard choices. How could Paula Deen keep making money by the pudgy fistful by telling people to stop shoving cheese, salted meat, chocolate & dough into their gaping maws & go for a walk? How could Newt Gingrich keep the oil money flowing by telling people the only real way to save on gas is to drive less or pay more for an efficient vehicle?

Much easier to tell people to have a second helping of pizza & cookies and take their magic snake oil pill, and tell people it’s not our conspicuous consumption but the gays that are the cause of our moral decay.

  • You’re really equating Paula Deen with Newt Gingrich?


    You’re equating the former Speaker of the House, “Family Values” serial divorcer, running for President with a woman who writes cookbooks, and has a cooking show, and who happens also to have diabetes?

    You’re equating a desire to fuck over the poor, the planet, and the economy, with a desire to cook with real butter and sugar?

    She hid the fact that she had diabetes. Big Fat Hairy Stinking Deal.

    Time for you to readjust your value set, my friend. Because your post shows that you have let them get out of whack.

  • FairfaxInsider

    Obviously you don’t think that Newt Gingrich is right in believing that the government should use or promote oil as a source for national resources.

    What’s the disagreement with Deen? People should eat healthier? I agree, but they’re going to listen to, and eat, what they want. Do you want the government to step in and regulate Deen? Or maybe they should ban the sale of pizzas and cookies together, since that seems to be what triggered this odd post.

    Or maybe you just intended to shame Deen … for having diabetes?

    I don’t get it. Not that Grant’s post are ever a beacon clarity and rationality, but this one is a doozy.  

  • Listen here.

    A few of Connolly’s points:

    1. It won’t create more than a few thousand TEMPORARY jobs, then 50-60 jobs total.

    2. It will NOT lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

    3. It will actually RAISE price of oil in midwestern U.S.

    4. This oil will be exported to China, South America, etc.

    5. This is a pipeline for a foreign company to export oil to foreign countries.

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    Most in defense of Paula Deen? That is pretty sad, especially given what the very same people have NOT expressed outrage bout.  The list of nearly endless real outrages lies waiting.  

    By continuing to pitch her junk food, while concealing that her way of eating had caused diabetes, she was more than duplicitous and hypocritical.  And now it appears she is pitching a medicalized (use a drug for diabetes)  rather than a good eating approach to deal with diabetes. Obviously many people will need a medical approach.  But, in many cases, it is not the first line of defense.  BTW, diabetes may be correlated with age but it is not caused by it and most do not have it.  And btw, many commonly used medications increased glucose levels too.

    If the folks who ripped into Miles here spend half as much time expressing outrage over the really outrageous, maybe we would not have had the problems we have.  “Doorbell Queen” seems to have her priorities way out of joint.

    Outrage over Miles diary?  Are you kidding me?  I want to thank Miles for this and all of his diaries.  His value set is just fine.