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Thanks to YouTube, This Could Be a Great Year for Democrats!


See below and on the “flip” for the latest and greatest by Willard “Mitt” Romney, courtesy of YouTube. By the way, the title of Willard’s op-ed on the U.S. auto industry was Let Detroit Go Bankrupt. Seriously, you can’t make this up. Same guy who believes “corporations are people,” who thinks it’s fun to fire people, who makes casual $10,000 bets, who believes only wealthy people should be running for office, who cruelly strapped his dog to the top of his car, who is a pathological liar, who is even more of a pathological liar, who has flip-flopped radically on almost every position he’s ever held, who has zero core convictions (and zero core in general), etc, etc. That this guy is likely to be the Republican’t nominee for president in 2012 really says everything there is to say about today’s GOP. And none of it is good. On the flip side, of course, it means that 2012 could be a great year for Democrats, as long as Republican’ts don’t do even more to sabotage the recovery from a recession that they’re largely responsible for creating in the first place. Oh, and if the media actually does its job and reports the truth about Willard.

  • Eileen Levandoski
  • glennbear

    Interesting choice of words, the reality is taxpayers lent GM and Chrysler vast sums of money to avoid the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. The GOP/Teabagger crowd went nuts and screamed about the deficit when this was proposed because auto workers are unionized and it might possibly help that pinko/commie/socialist crowd. They would have rather seen US automakers acquired by foreign entities and staffed with non-union workers thereby increasing the profit potential for the 1%. I must disclose that prior to retirement I was a VP for a public employee’s union so my view may be a little slanted.