Video: Barack Obama On Fire in Speech to Auto Workers


    A few comments on this video sum up my feelings as well:

    *”Finally Obama takes off the kid gloves and actually fights back against these Republican liars. Thats more like it.”

    *”I just don’t see how ANY working/middle class person can vote Republican. Don’t they care about their own futures? The Repubs don’t give a s*** about you.”

    *”It’s like a BRAND NEW REFRESHED Obama ready to take these Repug liars on. He has changed so much in the past few months, it’s astonishing. I’m fired up!”

    I’m fire up too after watching this. G’Obama!

    • turbocohen

      The warped and flat out delusional notion that Barack Obama is somehow a friend to the Jewish community is possibly the most stunning evidence of Jewish Derangement Syndrome I’ve seen to date & there are countless examples to cite from. Jews who inexplicably continue supporting an individual who is hostile to Israel while he repeatedly honors, respects, and reveres Islam above all else is truly the definition of insanity, Lowell.  Obama bowed to a Saudi Arabian King in a humiliating breach of protocol & inappropriate showing of respect coming from an American President yet his blatant disdain for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is glaring & his misguided foreign policy regarding Israel is reprehensible. Obama now makes apologies to suicide bombing barbarians..  WTF dude?  Despite Obama’s blatant favoritism toward the Muslim world there you remain a misguided segment of the Jewish population that continues your unwavering support of this man despite the fact that it is at our own peril.

      The self-loathing segment of the Jewish population who seem to irrationally despise the Jewish homeland of Israel will likely vote for Barack Obama again no matter what he does moving forward. If anything they seem to approve of him even more because of his continued hard leftist stances & anti-Israeli positions. Do these irrational individuals suffer from an incurable mental illness?  They clearly need some type of psychiatric intervention & intense psychological counseling to help them think clearly.  

      Jewish conservatives recognized Obama’s radicalism from the moment he stepped on to the political platform, and we tried screaming our discontent from the rooftop to fellow Jews who were caught up in the hypnotic Obama hysteria, but, to no avail as 78% of the Jewish population you rallied with eventually cast their vote for Obama in 2008 despite all of the warning signs of his anti-Israel ideology. Are you walking around with blinders on or does having your head buried in the sand keep you cool with the auto unions?  I am praying for you Lowell..