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Confronted with Evidence Americans Oppose His Agenda, Eric Can’tor Responds with Series of Lies


Per ThinkProgress, here’s Eric Can’tor on Fox News Sunday this morning, where, presented with polling data showing that the American people overwhelmingly oppose the agenda of Can’tor and his crazy/extremist party of teahadists, Can’tor “couldn’t explain why the public rejects large parts of the Republican legislative agenda and instead blamed Democrats for opposing it.” Instead, Can’tor rattled off a series of outright lies, aka “Republican talking points,” such as that Democrats have supposedly done something to hold back the economy and “get the fiscal house in order.” The reality, of course, is the 180-degree, exact opposite, that Republicans have abused the Senate’s filibuster power to block anything and everything, all in their service of their main goals: 1) defeat Barack Obama; 2) win back control of Congress; 3) pander to far-right-wing John Birch Society-style extremists; and 4) serve their masters in corporate America and among the top 1%.  Oh yeah, and root for the American economy to fail, even try to bring that about by playing games with the debt ceiling, etc.

Bottom line question: How can you tell that Eric Cantor’s lying? Answer: His lips are moving.

  • pontoon

    running for his seat can whip is behind!

  • pontoon

    Did he really say that?  What have the Republicans done to grow the economy?  Did he really say that every time they try the Democrats stop them?

    The only thing Republicans have tried to do and have a done an excellent job at btw, is be obstructionists.

    The only other thing they have done really well is to attack women’s right at every opportunity.

    My mother always said, “You can go to hell for lying as well as stealing.”  Since Cantor does nothing by lie, I guess we all know where he’ll be going.

  • normanva

    If cantor believes half of this crap, he is completely delusional and needs therapy.  But then again, he is a leader of “The Republican Bubble” where facts have NO meaning.