“Go to hell Barack” Ad Acceptable in Washington Metro System?!?


    A friend of mine sent me this photo from the Clarendon Metro station this morning. Here’s her commentary:

    I don’t recall ever seeing an actual ad saying “go to hell Bush,” even when he was selected, & even when he lied (yellowcake, etc.)… Certainly not on the metro – which is obviously desperate for funds so as not to impose any basic standards. I’m surprised they didn’t use the f word…

    Btw, someone wrote – in PEN on the “screen” of the light-up board: “That’s President Obama, to you!” Wish my camera had enough resolution to get that!

    Again, the ad is heinous enough, but Metro accepted it? I mean, I know they’re desperate for money, but WTF?!?!?

    P.S. Just to be clear, an ad saying “Go to hell Cantor” or “Go to hell Boehner” would NOT be acceptable to me, and it shouldn’t be in the Metro system, at least based on my reading of Metro’s advertising guidelines (not to mention Metro’s desire to keep its system family friendly), as far as I can determine.

    UPDATE: No, Kaplan Post and WTOP, you may NOT steal this photo you @#$@#$ers. Take it down immediately, give proper credit, or I’m calling a lawyer!

    • totallynext

      This is disgusting to say the least and should be immediately removed

    • Teddy Goodson

      “You Lie!” yelled the Congressman at the President; and “Re-load!” If you think it was vicious and tending toward violence during the last two elections, then brace yourself for an escalation to another level this time, now that we have Citizens United and the self-righteous religion-saturated theocratic thugs combined with gushing torrents of corporate money.

      Go ahead and object to Metro, on-line, to the media and everywhere else. You will probably succeed in getting the offensive ad removed, but at the cost of publicizing its content…. content which, I suspect, is/will show up in other places across the country. It is just the opening salvo, and others will follow, like swarms of bees, too many to swat down every time.

      I find it interesting that someone at least wrote a counter comment, defacing the ad. Perhaps that is one answer: street theatre, defacing the ads when and where they show up—- maybe adding “Thank You, President Obama” or “This is a lie!” or “This lie paid for by pharmaceutical companies.” Much better than drawing a mustache on a the politician’s face on his poster.

    • aznew

      If so, then I would oppose barring it on First Amendment grounds.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Health insurance before the Affordable Care Act was controlled by bureaucrats and politicians. The politicians were on the state level, most of them in the pockets of the insurance companies. The bureaucrats were/are at the health insurance companies, some of whom are expressly hired to find ways to kick sick people off their insurance. The Affordable Care Act ends that by requiring sick people to remain on policies.

      I’m all for defacing any and all such ads where they appear.

    • jwsevert

      who’s paying for this reprehensible ad as that’s who I’d like to give a piece of my mind (not that there are that many pieces to give).

      By the way, I don’t believe it’s publicizing Michael Moore’s movie but a knock-off that probably presents a quite different point of view.