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Keep the Ban: Will McDonnell Draw Up Uranium Mining Rules Behind Closed Doors?


An update from KeepTheBan.org:

Thanks to you and your hard work, the uranium industry did not have the votes in the General Assembly to introduce a bill to lift the ban. On January 19th, Gov. McDonnell was forced to concede that a report from the National Academy of Sciences identified “important questions related to the health and safety of workers, the public, and the environment.” As a result, the ban will stay in place for 2012.  

At the same time, however, Gov. McDonnell directed Virginia’s health, mining and environmental agencies to draft “conceptual regulations”  for the General Assembly to consider in 2013. Governor McDonnell’s directive to create a draft statute and regulations, behind closed doors, is the first step toward lifting the ban.

The uranium industry has yet to show the citizens of Virginia that uranium mining can be done safely, and our legislators have not answered the fundamental public policy question: does Virginia want to take on the long-term economic and public health burden of mining uranium and storing millions of tons of toxic waste in our state?

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  • Teddy Goodson

    from this particlar bed of uranium is another problem, and it would affect not merely the watershed from which Hampton Roads and Tidewater get their drinking water, but also right up to Northern Virginia, since the uranium lode extends that far. I learned this today at the Town Hall held by Senator Chap Petersen and Delegate David Bulova. It also turns out that Bulova’s constituents were surveyed on the question of lifting the uranium mining ban in Bulova’s newsletter and online. Turns out that a plurality did not want the ban lifted.

    If McDonnell bulls ahead in seeking to lift the ban, in the usual Republican father-knows-best, grovel-to-big business manner, he will be running against popular opinion. It also turns out, according to Chap Petersen, that the residents of the immediate area where the mining would occur are not in agreement about wanting the mining ban lifted, whether or not it would bring jobs.