Larry Sabato: Mark Warner Might Run for Governor, Could Appoint His Senate Successor


    This gets interesting at around 11:38 of the video. According to Professor Sabato, “believe it or not there does appear to be some substance to [the rumor that Mark Warner might run for governor in 2013].” Why? Three good reasons: 1) “what sane person wouldn’t be [frustrated with the U.S. Senate]”; 2) he enjoyed the governorship “a great deal”; 3) the governorship is a better platform to run for president than the U.S. Senate.

    Also intriguing, if Warner runs and wins (which I assume he would), he gets to appoint his own successor to the U.S. Senate. As Professor Sabato says, “it’s not a bad deal at all if Senator Warner decides to go for it.” Nope, and it wouldn’t be a bad deal for Virginia, as a Warner candidacy would almost guarantee that we wouldn’t have to suffer through the horrors of Governor Kookinelli (not to mention LG Corey Stewart and AG Mark Obenshain for 4 years, plus a Republican-controlled General Assembly). Shuddderrrrrr. Heck, the more I think about this, and as much as I’m a Terry McAuliffe fan, I’m tempted (mostly kidding here) to start a “Draft Mark Warner for Governor” movement. Anyone interested?

    • Progressive86

      Once a poll is conducted that measures how well known McAuliffe is relative to Warner or just how likely either is to win against the Kook, then I’d be ready to make a judgment. I would assume, however, that Warner is more well known and better able to defeat any Republican challenger. Right now, whoever is the Democratic nominee for governor HAS to beat Kook on any other candidate that is hoisted up as the flag bearer for the extreme right crazies.

      Perriello would make a nice U.S. Senator. What say you?  

    • Paba

      With, at best, a heavily GOP House and a Senate tilted by an LG to the Dems, we should hope for someone like Warner, who might actually be able to squeeze blood from a stone and get something remotely positive through the House. I have no idea how they’d react to McAuliffe (as a Clinton surrogate and former DNC chair that’s prone to theatrics? Probably not well at all), but odds are Warner could do it. If the choice is between T-Mac, Warner, and any of the others who’ve been rumored, I’d choose Warner.

      I’m saving my opinions of T-Mac until he is in and has a primary challenger that I prefer. If that never comes to pass, I might as well go along, cause the alternative is bloody awful.

    • pontoon

      Wouldn’t there be some deal cut between Warner and McAuliffe and thereby the most likely Senate appointee would be McAuliffe, not Perriello or McEachin?  Just a thought.

    • FreeDem

      You’re just about a year behind everyone else.

      There have been strong rumblings about another Warner run for Governor for well over the last year. I know I’ve mentioned them before at Blue Virginia and others have dismissed it. But like it or not, the rumors are there and Warner hasn’t acted to dispel them.

      My belief that Warner is a possible candidate, and the rumors I’ve heard that Terry is having second thoughts, were in the background of my prior posts outlining the need for forward thinking Virginia Democrats to focus more on finding a strong LG candidate. Someone like Chopra could be the type of figure to really start to turn Virginia around down the road.

      But be absolutely clear Lowell (and others) if you’re praising the possibility of a Warner return to Richmond in 2013, and in other posts complaining about the dominance of Warner’s influence in the DPVA, you’re not really being consistent.

    • dominic

      As a federal office holder, Warner would be prohibited from raising money larger than federal law allows. So his fundraising could be potentially limited.

      Would he and Terry cut a deal? Terry is like Warner and more of a CEO type (he’s said as much himself). But he is also a talker…and the worlds greatest deliberative body could probably use him as well. But would Terry want it?

    • FreeDem

      I don’t think Warner will have a particularly difficult time fundraising under the federal limit. It’s not like we can’t win statewide under federal limits, we do this for the Senate seats.

    • hrprogressive

      Warner has been pretty disappointing as a US Senator…sure he’s been better than a rubber-stamp GOPer like Gilmore would have been, but he’s been drinking way too much austerity kool-aid for my liking.

      But Warner as Governor again? Yeah. I’d welcome him back instantly. We cannot under any circumstances let Cuccinelli win, and what better way to do that than the popular former Governor coming back for his non-consecutive 2nd term?

      We should really go “all in” on getting Warner out of the US Senate and back to Richmond. The stakes are too high.

      Besides, do we really need a super-ultra-crazy like Kook running for POTUS after a Governorship? I think not.

    • VADEM

      to get te gov. mansion back. Warner is the best option imho. We are currently going down the rabbit hole with all these crazy bills this GA. Perriello would be my choice for his replacement.