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Photos, Video from Riverbend Park (Great Falls, VA); Open Thread


Here are a few photos and video (on the “flip”) from a short hike by my wife, Kelly, and me late this afternoon in Riverbend Park. It was relaxing and invigorating, but now that my head is clear, I have to decide who I root for in the Super Bowl: 1) New York, which is where I was born; or 2) New England, which is where I grew up (although Connecticut’s split between Giants and Patriots fans). Hmmmm…maybe I’ll just root for a good game! 🙂

P.S. Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss the Super Bowl, Virginia’s natural beauty, or whatever else you want.

  • Mike1987

    Attendance and participation in the clown show is way down. It seems Mittens is getting the go ahead by only 3 marginally interested loons to which he has spent trillions to lure. If trends remain, super Tuesday will be meh Tuesday.

    Back in the Richmond padded room, good Rev Governor-general claims that the improving economy belongs to the obstructionist party as he continues to be the pearl and sphincter-clenching, lickspittle republican salesbottom.  

    Meanwhile, the diminutive, yet anthropological throwback Virginia attorney general, cleverly masquerading as a kernel of used corn amongst the raw sewage that is republicans, mumbled something and returned to his power enema.

    Month two of the wilderness for Progressives, as the Virginia Democratic Party continues its sojourn into irrelevancy and incompetence; next up synchronized drooling.

    Our illustrious delegates and state senators have seen fit to declare me less than human by allowing anything and anybody to discriminate should I want to adopt an unwanted child – DEMOCRATS voted for this!

    This 2012 legislative session is shaping up to be  a particularly rancid season.

    I return to the football game where my money, once nestled safely in my wallet, will be travelling to my friend’s wallet where it will clearly be abused at the local walmart.

    ….. will it never end……..