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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, February 28.

*Bob McDonnell deploys State Police SWAT team against peaceful candlelight vigil

*Common ground becomes a great divide (Apparently, Bob McDonnell has come down with a SEVERE case of “Obama Derangement Syndrome” – just read his bizarre, delusional comments in this article. What a wack.)

*Voter ID bill passes Va. Senate

*Senate defeats bid to end mandatory HPV vaccine

*Court dismisses lawsuit against Virginia congressional district map

*Del. Brink: Actions this session have allowed lawmakers to be portrayed as ‘ignorant, backward-looking buffoons’

*Ron Paul to lead rally in Springfield on Tuesday

*Key votes expected on two abortion measures

*Capitol briefs: Amazon tax measure passes House 95-2

*Senate committee votes down procurement notice bill

*PAC launches in response to social bills

*Students soar at poetry slam

*McDonnell: GOP presidential race needs positive tone (Hahahahaha, after HIS candidate – Willard Romney – has spent tens of millions of dollars trashing his opponents? Oh yeah, right.)

*Editorial: Honor early black lawmakers (“But follow established rules for installing plaques in the state Capitol”)

*I Can Haz Senate Seat? Cat Running for Open Senate Seat in Virginia (Is “Hank” any relation to “Felix” the cat? Heh.)

*VIDEO: Kaine calls for cooperation, ‘balanced approach’ on budget

*Surry planners recommend approving Old Dominion’s rezoning

  • Peter Rousselot

    Delegate Brink is quoted as saying that “All you need to do is turn on your TV, open any national newspaper or go to YouTube, and it’s impossible to escape the conclusions that we’ve allowed ourselves to be portrayed as a bunch of ignorant, backward-looking buffoons.” The sad reality is that the YouTube videos of the likes of Dave Albo, Bob Marshall, and other VA GOP delegates have enabled them to expose themselves as the buffoons they really are. No editorial interventions or “portrayals” were needed.

  • glennbear

    Gov. Bob’s (aka Gov. Bubba) heavily armed reaction to the peaceful reminds me of similar reactions by Lester Maddox decades ago against other peaceful demonstrators. The GOP is determined to drag VA backwards.