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What Capitol Square Does Governor McDonnell Live On?


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Bob McDonnell is too busy campaigning out of state to know that his legislative agenda is in tatters

Hours ago, Governor Bob McDonnell released a review of how is legislative priorities are faring in the General Assembly, titled “At Crossover, Governor McDonnell’s Legislative Initiatives Move Forward with Broad Bipartisan Support.”

Poor Bob. The only bipartisan component of his agenda is its rejection by the General Assembly. Yesterday he suffered two crushing defeats:

First, the Virginia Senate rejected the cornerstone of Governor McDonnell’s education package, a bill that would have placed new teachers on three-year contracts. McDonnell has been trying aggressively to weaken teacher tenure and make it easier to fire teachers.

The Senate knew better. Senators recognized that weakening employment protections for teachers would make it harder for the commonwealth to recruit high quality teachers, because all five states bordering Virginia have continuing contracts, and would offer significantly better job security. Virginia’s kids deserve the best teachers in America, and the Senate rejected the Governor’s attempt to weaken our schools.  

Second, the full Senate did not take up the Governor’s transportation package, but instead voted for a Republican-patroned transportation plan that raises the gasoline tax in order to finance desperately needed infrastructure spending – a commonsense proposal that Governor McDonnell, with his eye on the vice presidency, will likely be unable to support.

The only legislation uniting Republican legislators is a divisive social agenda that is taking Virginia backwards by limiting women’s access to abortion and contraception, codifying discrimination against gays and lesbians, drug testing welfare recipients, hurting Virginia’s workers, and making it easier for criminals to obtain handguns.

Since January 20, when Governor McDonnell announced he was supporting presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, has been named “a critical Romney surrogate” and “Romney’s Hatchet Man.” He has campaigned for Romney in Virginia, Washington, D.C., South Carolina, and Florida, and seems to spend many of his nights spinning for Romney on cable TV shows.

  • Bumble Bee

    If cowboy Bob McDonald ties his star to that of Mitt Romney he will have made a bad bet.  But what the heck, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. HA! HA! HA! HA!

  • totallynext

    I don’t care about Bob McDonnell’s national political ambitions.  I care about what you as an equal body is going to do to stop the madness.   Please no more sound bites, no more press releases on how the big bad Republicans are doing bad things, we Know they are – the problem is you have to do something to stop them.    The VA Democratic Senate Caucus must pull out every procedural, every nuclear option to stop this.   GO WISCONSIN ON THEIR A*%!  

    Please read this post on Dailykos to see how to get the people behind you.


    But then I was shocked as a speaker came to the podium and announced that the 14 Democratic Senators had left the state to deprive the republicans a quorum. The mood suddenly flipped 180 degrees. People who had been morose suddenly came to life! YES! We can fight this! We WILL FIGHT THIS!!! And what’s more, we will fight for the senators that are fighting for us!

    There comes a time in most people’s life that get them pissing mad to get engaged in the political process – for me – it was the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.  The time is neigh for that groundswell in Virginia

    Time to go nuclear – deny a quorum, flee to Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina – anywhere!

    Here’s another post on BV that tells you some hat tricks you can use – but again – don’t just talk – take action – after all that is what is asked of the grassroots and Democratic activist to get you elected.