Brilliant Obama Move!!! Calls Georgetown Law Student Assailed by Rush Limbaugh


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    by Paul Goldman

    This is the anniversary of Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain scoring 100 points against the New York Knicks, the all-time NBA record although approached by Kobe Bryant getting 81, not too shabby either. But when it comes to this year’s Dunk Contest, the President wins that with an in your face to Rush Limbaugh by telephoning Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law Student who was called a “slut” among others things by the chief ditto head and voice for the conservative radio talk show posse.

    This is beyond brilliant in terms of politics, it is so good you have to stand in awe of the President and his advisors. Wow! We are talking NBA All-Star move here. Not since Bill Russell has anyone swatted it back in someone’s face like the President just did to El Rusho.

    When they want to point to the moment the 2012 election was over, this could be the moment: it is for sure a major cultural moment in America.

    Rush Limbaugh will of course love it too, I mean this puts him on the top of the conservative news cycle for 48 hours or more. It’s the weekend, so the thing will play all weekend. Ms. Fluke lucked out for sure, but she made her luck here.

    Do the political math. The GOP wrote off the African-American vote in 1964, they wrote off California in 1994, they are writing off the Hispanic vote with their “depart them all” policy which the overwhelming number of GOP primary voters reject!!!

    The leaders of the GOP are way out of touch with their own partisans. Now they have ceded the under-30 folks generally and professional women in particular along with a slice of their families. That caps the GOP at around 47% this year in a two way race: and it is only March 2.

    100 points in a game is amazing for sure. But a reverse spin slam dunk stuff over El Rusho – “in your face!’ ain’t too shabby either. No need for the annual NBA slam dunk contest this year. We already have the highlight reel.

    • at Politico. Here’s an excerpt:

      …Rush needs to apologize for lying about what Sandra Fluke said.  She didn’t say, as he claims, that she couldn’t afford contraception because she was having too much sex.  She was talking about a friend who needed contraceptive coverage to help avoid the growth of ovarian cysts.

      He needs to apologize for using disgusting, misogynistic language that demeans all women.  In the 21st century, shouldn’t we beyond the days when weak-minded men use words like ‘slut’ and ‘prostitute’ to describe strong women that threaten their world-view?

      And he needs to apologize for his hypocrisy in pushing his morality on everyone else…

    • “absurd”, but won’t condemn them. Do Republicans really think this is the way to win over women voters, by not condemning one of their most widely listened-to voices calling a young woman a “slut” on the air? Yeah, we’ll see how that works out for them come November…

    • From The Atlantic:

      He really said that she should post a sex tape online. I wish I could show you a picture of her father and mother. I wish I had video of the moment when a friend or co-worker said to them, “Hey, did you hear Rush Limbaugh talking about your daughter?” I wish I could show you her grandfather’s face when he found out. I’d like it if they all had a chance to confront the host about his comments. He’d blush deep red with shame. He’d hate what he’s become.  

      It hardly matters whether you agree with Sandra Fluke, or if you think she is advocating on behalf of suboptimal policy, as I do. There is no excuse for Limbaugh’s behavior, and nothing redeeming in it. His words aren’t merely illogical. It isn’t just that he seems to misunderstand that birth-control pills cost the same whether someone has sex once per month or twice every single day. The problem isn’t just that he misrepresented the fullness of her testimony. Beyond all that, he has once again shown himself to be coarse, vulgar, bullying, callous, and needlessly cruel.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Rush Limbaugh, the guy who was caught coming back from the Dominican Republic for what might have been a sex trip with Viagara prescribed to another person, dares to judge a young women he doesn’t even know. He used the oldest trick in the book in his attempt to discredit Sandra Fluke, calling her a “slut.”

      Here are some of the advertisers on his vile show:

      Quicken Loans




      Legal Zoom

      Citrix Online

      Mission Pharmacal Company

      Feel free to contact them (Facebook is one easy way) and let them know you think they should drop advertisements from the Limbaugh Horror Show.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Quicken Loans reports on their Facebook page that they have dropped advertising on Limbaugh’s hate show. Pressure works!

    • inntv2012

      Rush would be well advised to review the handling of a couple of other “loose lips”. Jimmy “the Greek” with his comments about the congenitally strong thighs of black athletes and Ross Perot during the speech where he referred to African Americans as “You People” both suffered greatly for the garbage which spewed from their mouths. It is time Mr. Limbaugh learned that his venomous comments carry with them a price which must be paid when he libels an innocent person. Open your checkbook Rush.