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Cherry Blossoms Coming Earlier, But Media Won’t Make Climate Connection


0436_Washington DC_cherry blossoms on the Tidal BasinThe cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC are expected to peak between March 24 and 31, the National Park Service announced today. That’s 5 to 10 days earlier than normal and right in line with our global warming-fueled trend – a Smithsonian study found the blossoms come out about 4.5 days earlier than they used to, part of a shift that all plants are feeling.

Of course, reporters can’t say any of that! The peak’s just early somehow, and the warm weather must be described as unusual or unseasonable and reporters must never mention that the changes are exactly in line with broader global warming trends.

Just look at coverage of our warm winter. DC’s fresh off its 3rd-warmest winter on record and 2 of the top 4 have come within the last 10 years, exactly the type of changes climate scientists say we can expect in a warming world. But on local weather blogs, neither the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang nor WJLA’s StormWatch 7 would even say the word climate.

People sometimes ask me if I’m frustrated that a minority of Americans still don’t accept climate science. Just the opposite – I’m amazed the poll numbers are so strong! Even though the media won’t connect the dots, Americans are doing it on their own, telling pollsters that changes in their own backyards are convincing them that our climate is warming.

  • glennbear

    A. MSM gets big bucks from sponsors that would be hurt by    legislation reducing fossil fuel use.

    B. Belief in climate change bolsters the support for such legislation.

    C. Ignoring signs of climate change keeps corporate sponsors happy.

    D. Whackos like Cooch are promoting the myth to the deluded masses which is exactly what the polluters want.

    E. The correlation between plant growth pattern changes and climate change is never mentioned lest it endanger corporate sponsor monies.

  • hrprogressive

    Has too much to lose by pointing out stuff like this.

    It’d be real nice if our journalists and reporters would, you know, actually report the facts instead of lying by omission.

  • pvogel

    Daffodill bloomed in alex va  Feb 4,  23 days earler than ever.

  • pa2vadem

    MSM has more readers talking about sex and contraception, not (Ho Hum) climate change