Cuccinelli: Willard Backed National Healthcare Mandate; GOP Will Cede Issue if He’s the Nominee


    Interesting comments (at around the 11:45-13 minute mark) by Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli about Willard Romney. According to Cuccinelli – and he’s absolutely correct on this – Romney’s been a “long advocate of an individual mandate…even at the national level.” In addition, according to Cuccinelli, Republicans would be “effectively giving [the issue of the individual mandate in “Obamacare”] up” if they nominate Romney. I hate to say this, but I once again agree with Cuccinelli on something. Scary.

    P.S. Other than that, there’s not much interesting in this video as far as I can tell, just the usual far-right-wing blather we’ve come to expect from our fine AG. Ugh.

    • AndySchmooklerforCongress

      It’s true, the Republicans like to claim that the individual mandate for health insurance is a Big Issue, something with which to beat Obama for being a liberty-hating, government-tyranny socialist.  And it’s true that Romney cannot throw this stone because he lives in the glass house of Romneycare in Massachusetts.

      But there’s a big issue to be made of the HYPOCRISY of the whole GOP on this matter– for the whole idea of the individual mandate originates not on the left but in the more conservative precincts of America’s political right.

      The idea came from the Heritage Foundation, and was thrown into the political arena by the Senate Republicans as they were killing the Clinton attempt to reform American health care.  It’s a means of achieving an essential public purpose (universal health care coverage) while maintaining the private industry of health insurance. That’s why it was a favorite of the Republicans– back when they were a normal political party.

      Now they are not a normal political party–AND THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT POLITICAL FACT IN AMERICA TODAY. The hypocrisy of the GOP in attacking Obama’s health care bill is, therefore, an avenue for raising an issue that is more central to America’s current political challenge even than the crucial issue of health care.

      For until Americans, in general, recognize what the Republican Party has become –so the experience of the past decade demonstrates– we will not as a nation be able to deal honestly and constructively with ANY of the vital issue and profound crises we now face.

    • kindler

      …the Tea Party needs to have a third party candidate in the race if Romney is the GOP nominee.  Run, Cuccy, run!