Mitt Romney will say anything to get elected – example #987; Setting the record straight on Israel


    Don’t believe the snake oil the Republicans are trying to sell. The fact is that President Obama has been a good friend to Israel, and while the two nations may not agree on all issues, the idea that the President has thrown Israel under a bus, or that his presidency endagers Israel’s security, is absurd on its face.

    As the campaign moves to its next phase and there needs to be a serious discussion of serious issues, is a little truth too much to ask?

    • That’s right, check it out:

      A former head of Israel’s intelligence service, in an interview with The Huffington Post, slammed a recent op-ed by Mitt Romney as causing “serious issues” for the effort to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.

      Efraim Halevy, who was the director of the Mossad in the early 2000s and later the head of Israel’s National Security Council, told HuffPost that by forecasting his military intentions — and claiming that Obama would not act in the same way — Romney is effectively “telling the Iranians, ‘You better be quick about it.'”

      “If I’m sitting here in the month of March 2012 reading this, and I’m an Iranian leader, what do I understand? I have nine more months to run as fast as I can because this is going to be terrible if the other guys get in,” Halevy said.

    • Seriously? Is Willard that obtuse? First of all, oil production is up sharply under President Obama, after falling under Bush and Cheney. So much for that talking point. Second, natural gas production is booming under President Obama, so much for that talking point. Third, coal production’s doing just fine, although cheap natural gas is increasingly competing with it for market share in the US power generation sector. Fourth, wind power is booming and becoming a growing share of the U.S. power mix. Eventually, as cars switch over to electric vehicles in coming decades, the goal is to power them with cheap, abundant, clean, made-in-America renewable energy from the wind, sun, etc. Willard may think you actually put the windmill (or barrels of oil?) on top of the car, but in his family, it’s actually just the poor family dog that goes there. What a dumb***.