New PPP Poll Shows the Insanity and Bigotry of Today’s Republican Party


    The level of insanity and bigotry evidenced in the new PPP poll of Mississippi and Alabama Republican voters goes beyond “astounding” into “horrifying,” “despicable,” insanity,” “bigotry,” words like that. Check it out:

    *”In Mississippi only 12% of voters think Obama’s a Christian to 52% who think he’s a Muslim and 36% who are not sure. In Alabama just 14% think Obama’s a Christian to 45% who think he’s a Muslim and 41% who aren’t sure.” Oh, and not only are they factually incorrect, but of course it goes without saying that they think being a Muslim is a bad thing. Blech.

    *In Alabama, 21% of Republican voters say that interracial marriage should be illegal. In Mississippi, 29% of Republican voters say it should be illegal, while just a bare majority (54%) say it should be legal. Ee gads.

    *”In Alabama only 26% of voters believe in [evolution], while 60% do not. In Mississippi just 22% believe in it, while 66% do not.”

    I mean, this goes beyond “differences on the issues” into something else entirely. When people – large pluralities or even majorities of Mississippi and Alabama Republicans, in this case – don’t “believe” in evolution (as if scientific/empirical evidence is a matter of “belief” at all), when they don’t “believe” a lifelong Christian is really a Christian, when they’re bigoted against Muslims, when they’re not sure that blacks should be able to marry whites, I’m not sure how you even have a conversation, let alone a constructive, rational, sane one. It’s just so depressing that there are significant numbers of people in this country, in the year 2012, who still think like this. And, of course, guess which party they’re in? Shocker, huh?

    • wmchase65

      which showed that religious sentiments/values in Alabamians mimicked that of Iranians…sure, they might pray to a different God (I guess), but in terms of the role that religion (and more specifically religious dogma) plays into the everyday values, Alabamians and Iranians are near identical…hardly surprised.

    • Goldmanusa

              Alabama and Mississippi have been solidly in the GOP campaign since the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act except for Jimmy Carter in 1976, rather amazing really, but he was the first Deep South guy nominated, much less elected since the Civil War.

              How Carter carried those state is astounding really. But he was magic in that campaign and Jerry Ford was from Michigan, seen as a pro-civil rights guy and his wife Betty openly pro-ERA. Perhaps if Ford had not chosen Dole but someone else, he might have broken through in a state or too. But even then, he still loses the electoral college and the popular vote.

              The Obama vs Romney on the “Who is a Christian” question is going to be fascinating in those states given the poll in Virginia which found barely half of the GOP here thought Romney was a Christian.

              For the folks in Alabama and Mississippi, a Romney vs Obama matchup perhaps the most stressful presidential election in their lifetimes. LBJ was a Texan and that isn’t a real Southern to Deep South folks.

              50 years ago, the politicians in those states would have run a third candidate to get their electoral votes and see if that gave them some electoral college leverage.

              But in 2012 it seems rather unlikely.

              Some will not be able to vote for Romney, but enough will to stop Obama. But some Baptist Ministers will not vote for a Mormon in my view and will say so publicly.

              As ugly as it is in those state’s now, it is likely to get even uglier if that is possible.

              I travelled through Mississippi in 1969, staying at the home of African-Americans, Louisiana too. Stayed with a family that knew the three boys murdered by the Klan with the assistance of law enforcement.

              It is something one ever forgets really. I remember having to call an ambulance for an African-Ameridcan Pastor. It was a heart attack, but not fatal.

      The ambulance refused to take him to the hospital without being paid in cash first. Then the doctors refused to put him in a room with a white guy so he had to stay in the hallway.

              I had been around the country at that point, but this was my first time in that part of the Deep South.

              I got to talk to some tough pols down there, black and white. They played with real bullets.

              If you think Virginia politics are over the edge, you don’t know the half of it.  

    • glennbear

      Although their numbers have diminished all of the occupants of the GOP primary battle clown car have played to this base. They are aware of the prejudices and lack of intellect and would love to be in a position of power where these folks are easily manipulated by preying on their fears. The fact that we have people who are more concerned with getting elected than actually governing is scary as heck.

    • kindler

      …I have to put the increasing fear and ignorance of science as #1.  

      Conservatives used to talk about going back to the good old days of the ’50s. Then Glenn Beck popularized the idea of going back 100 years to before the Progressive Era.

      Now with the War on Science, they want to take us back to before the Renaissance.  What’s next, reviving the Crusades?