VIDEO: Cuccinelli on how it’s not his job to fight corruption; report is a Soros plot


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    Martinsville residents who attended a Cuccinelli town hall this morning learned a lot about what the Attorney General does. Among his many job duties he is required to be condescending to his constituents, to dismiss unfavorable reports by non-partisan organizations as “Soros Funded,” and most importantly to NOT fight corruption.

    Yes, you heard that correctly. When asked about the widely reported State Integrity Investigation that shows Virginia is at high-risk for corruption, Attorney General Cuccinelli shrugged it off as so-much nonsense. After rudely dismissing a constituent’s concerns about government integrity, he went on to say it’s not his job to fight corruption.  

    • Teddy Goodson

      Cuccinelli sounded arrogsnt, patronizing, and obviously felt himself superior to the little female person questioning him, but it was also clear that he knew exactly what she was asking about. Another one of those elitist Republicans, part of the ruling class, and actually indistinguishable from, say, Santorum. Where was the video made, and who made it? Did he realize he was being recorded?