Video: Anna Scholl of ProgressVA Talks ALEC, Speaker Howell on “The Ed Show”


    Great job by Progress Virginia Executive Director Anna Scholl, who appeared on “The Ed Show” last night to talk about corporate front group ALEC, as well as one of its top puppets/minions in Virginia – Speaker of the House Bill Howell, who last week lost his temper and lashed out at Scholl (implying that she wasn’t smart enough to understand big words). Go Anna!

    • Peter Rousselot

      Anna Scholl did a great job confronting Speaker Howell. Although he has since apologized, Howell exposed himself as a nasty bully and a hypocrite who had no good answers to Anna’s persistent questions. The taxpayers of Virginia should not pay another cent to cover expenses of VA legislators who want to attend ALEC functions. If VA legislators can’t afford to attend these functions, they should ask the Koch brothers to cover their expenses. More generally, congratulations are also due to Progress VA for bringing home to major U.S. corporations that it isn’t in their interests to bankroll an organization with a far-right wing agenda like ALEC.