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Another Day, Another George Allen Rally #FAIL Compared to Tim Kaine


We reported the other day on a major George Allen #FAIL, in which Allen’s official campaign HQ opening in Richmond had far, far fewer people than Tim Kaine had at his official campaign HQ opening in Richmond 5 months earlier. Now, we’ve got another one.

In this case,  the top photo (taken by our own Alan “Aznew” Zimmerman) was at Gov. Kaine’s statewide tour rally in C-ville. News reports said that around 400 people were in attendance for Tim Kaine. Compare and contrast to the bottom photo, from the Allen campaign’s “send a message’ statewide tour rally this afternoon in Harrisonburg, around 60 miles from C-ville. From the looks of it, there were just a handful of folks at the Allen “rally,” probably could fit ’em all in a big gas-guzzling SUV, the kind big oil shill George Allen probably loves to tool around in.

Bottom line: both rallies were held on Thursday afternoons, in the same general region of Virginia, yet the turnout and enthusiasm for Tim Kaine were orders of magnitude greater than for George Allen. Just guessing here, but I’m kind of thinking that this stark contrast might, just might have had something to do with the fact that Kaine’s actually got a positive message and vision, while Allen’s all negative all the time? Just sayin’. 🙂

  • Dan Sullivan

    You must be at an Allen rally.

  • It almost looks like the “crowd” at the Allen rally was made up of just staffers, reporters, and a couple who the campaign called at the last minute when they realized nobody had shown up.

    I think this says a lot about how there’s been an epic failure of the Allen campaign’s staff. I mean, the field team should have been making calls to turn out people and the communications shop should have been getting people out because they could have crafted a strong message for the press.

    When you get down to it, just offering up free pizza would have gotten them a bunch of JMU students looking for something to do during their summer session. If that fails somehow, you also have your young staffers just call up your friends and ask them to hold a sign for a couple minutes so you can create the necessary image for the cameras.

    But the photo definitely suggest that not only was this not done, but there was no effort to get younger people out to the event. And this is where I think the poor message of George Allen comes into play. He not only is struggling to attract people to his rallies, but he cannot even get campaign staffers who know how to build a crowd.

  • Dan Sullivan

    standing to Allen’s left. The two of them drew this few!