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DNC Candidate Ben Tribbett on Using Social Media to Enhance the VAN


As you may know, Ben Tribbett is running to become one of Virginia’s members on the Democratic National Committee (the election’s on June 2). As Ben explains, “I am running because I believe the DNC is important and that grassroots members of the Democratic Party and particularly those from swing states like Virginia need the party to work better.” You can say that again!

Anyway, I had a chance to interview Ben about his candidacy a few days ago. We were at the Silver Diner in Arlington, and it was a bit noisy, but the audio quality is good. Also good, in my view, are Ben’s thoughts on a number of subjects, including this excerpt on how to enhance the Voter Activation Network (VAN) – the crucially important “database containing information on voters for the purpose of assisting a political party or an individual politician, in their Get out the vote (GOTV) efforts and other areas of the campaign” – using social media.

What Ben talks about in this part of the interview is, I’d argue, a big reason to consider supporting him for DNC. Namely, that he would add important expertise to the DNC that largely isn’t there now.  That matters a great deal, because of course the Republicans aren’t standing still, and if the Democratic Party doesn’t stay on the cutting edge of modern-day communications technologies and methods, we will fall behind the “red team” in our ability to communicate with voters. That’s obviously not an outcome we want, and that’s where Ben Tribbett’s presence on the DNC would be very useful, in helping the “blue team” come out on top in the area of social media.

P.S. I’ll post several more portions of the interview in coming days.  

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    It’s time for the “Old Guard” of the DPVA to move over and welcome new people and new ideas. Ben would be an excellent DNC member from Virginia. I don’t know if I can make it to the state convention and vote for Ben, but I certainly will lobby others who are also delegates to the convention to vote for him. How about we start a Facebook page, “Ben Tribbett for DNC from Virginia”? 🙂

  • arealvirginian

    I just have to take a moment and give some thoughts outside of the insane echo chamber here.  Ben Tribbett representing Virginia at the DNC?  Seriously?  I am writing anonymously here because of Tribbett’s well-known tendency to viciously attack any of his political enemies, but I am a DPVA “insider” — I have worked for a lot of candidates over the years I’ve lived in Virginia, been to many DPVA meetings and J-J’s, and have read all the blogs (including Not Larry Sabato) frequently.  I’ve voted for and gotten to know many of our candidates over the years, from Mark Warner to Tim Kaine and Creigh Deeds.  I also have talked with people like Jim Moran and Dave Marsden and Krystal Ball over the years.  I think all these people, though they have flaws, are real Democrats and people I’m glad have run.  

    Yet they fall into one category, they are people that Ben Tribbett has viciously attacked in an ad hominem fashion, systematically and without mercy, for reasons that would be laughable were they not everlasting and in “print” on the Internet.  With Krystal Ball, it was his insanely creepy and personal re-publishing of the party photos during her race.  With Dave Marsden (apparently a sworn enemy of Ben’s for Ben’s own personal reasons going back to his own political career), it’s been a variety of different things, including his political residency.  With Tim Kaine, who knows, but Tribbett has had a disgusting vendetta for years.  With Jim Moran, Tribbett just seems to seeth every time he’s mentioned.  He even seems to hate Mark Warner!

    And THIS is who would represent us at the DNC?  Seriously?

    Not only this — I don’t know Tribbett personally, but it just sounds like he’s also just a mean and kind of gross person.  From everything I’ve heard from my friends who have talked with him over the years, he’s as gross in person as he is from the outside, self-centered, egotistical, wants to be flattered all the time, petulant, etc.  He seems like a combination of Dennis the Menace and an anarchist, someone who just wants to tear things down in a really adolescent, self-centered fashion, who doesn’t care what he leaves behind.  Does anyone think that his scorched-earth campaign against Creigh Deeds helped things in 2009?  That mocking and savaging Tim Kaine for years and years has been remotely helpful?

    I’m sure Ben would say that the truth hurts but that he’s trying to be helpful by telling it like it is.  That’s a coward’s defense.  The internet lasts and it hurts.  We’re supposed to be a family but he’s inside the tent taking a crap over everything DPVA-related, and he has hurt a lot of people in the process, with nothing positive I can see coming from any of it.

    The sad thing in all of this is I think he’s actually a smart guy, when he stops being such a self-centered jerk occasionally for a few minutes. The long pieces he writes where he analyzes data or some trend I think are always smart.  He would be a good analyst or pundit if he would just focus on that and it’s just a shame that he can’t refrain from letting his enormous and destructive ego taking over most of the time.  

    But there it is.  You can’t take the good part of Ben Tribbett and I know that if he actually was elected one of the four DNC members it would be the bad part that would be representing Virginia and that would just be a terrible thing in what has been a very bad last few years for DPVA.  I hope everyone who ends up having a vote thinks about this deeply and rejects this man for the DNC.