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DNC Candidate Ben Tribbett: Time to Democratize the DPVA


In Part 2 of my interview with DNC candidate Ben Tribbett, we discussed how DNC membership should not be a “lifetime achievement award” or “gold watch,” but a place for someone “who wants to DO something with the position rather than BE something with the position.” In Part 3, below, Ben explains why we need to democratize the Democratic Party of Virginia. For instance, Ben advocates allowing the grassroots, not just “some attorney on Central Committee” (hmmmm…wonder who he could possibly be talking about there – lol) having a voice in deciding on DPVA resolutions – on issues like the public option (support!), Citizens United (oppose!), etc. In the past, my understanding is that many of these resolutions have been watered down or even killed by one or more of those attorneys on Central Committee, without ANY consideration of what the grassroots might happen to feel about the issue. That’s absurd. Ben also notes that if DPVA is going to hit up people for money by claiming they will be “members” of DPVA, then they should give those “members” a real voice in running DPVA. Right now, that isn’t the case. Why not?!?

  • fwdprogress

    …or can you make a political career our of smearing fellow Democrats like Krystal Ball while promoting a Republican blog???


    Ben, you should have thought twice about our editorial style if you wanted a career in politics.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    It’s great progress for the DPVA that Ben is willing to put himself forward for the post. Far too often, there is simply s coronation of whomever the few insiders have already picked. That fact is why I supported and voted for Peter Rousselot for chair of the DPVA with full knowledge that the “fix was in” for Moran. That’s why I did not vote for Gaylene Kanoyton for vice chair, even though, again, the “fix was in.”

    If – and it is a very big if – progressives will join local committees, work their way up into offices, get on congressional district committees, run for chair of district committees (putting them on the steering committee), put themselves forward as state party and DNC leaders, then and only then will we call the shots.

    In other words, learn the lessons that the flat-earth extremists in the GOP learned. Then, put the lessons into practice.