Josh Romney Booed Off Stage at AZ GOP Convention; Willard Jeered as “the white Obama”


    Speaking as a diehard Democrat, I’ve just gotta say that I’m excited to see how Ron Paul’s supporters have united 100% behind Willard, and also how the Republican Party is one big happy family these days. Or not. 🙂

    P.S. According to The Arizona Republic, “Josh had to stop repeatedly as people booed and yelled for Paul, who has continued campaigning in the Republican primary.” In addition, “Some attendees said they heard Paul supporters chanting outside that Mitt Romney is ‘the white Obama.'”

    • kindler

      I mean, certainly there have been many major party nominees about whom lots of people felt lukewarm — Bush I, Dole, Gore, Kerry, etc.  But what a lot of Republicans feel about Romney is worse than a lack of enthusiasm and borders on contempt.

      Of course, this is also a demonstration of how coarse and rude the Tea Partiers are.  The GOP will long rue allowing these backwoods, conspiracy theory-driven extremists to take over their party.