Positive Endorsements: A Better Way of Winning (Most of the Time)


    The great endorsement given to DNC committee member hopeful for Virginia Ben Tribbett by Chap Petersen and Leslie Byrne brought up an important phrase, “positive endorsement”, that I have been as guilty as anyone else at neglecting. The shame of “negative endorsements” for Ben is that his stellar political record speaks for itself, no negativity need apply. Beyond Ben’s political record, though, are the ideas that Ben stands to bring to the DNC and how these can sustain Democratic Party power, and consequently a better America for all Americans, for the foreseeable future.

    Blue Virginia’s own interview series with Ben revealed some of his ideas about pushing the DNC and the Democratic Party into the 21st Century with confidence and momentum. The first idea surrounded social media and its use to enhance the effective use of the Voter Activation Network.  Secondly, Ben is a “grassroots guy” who understands the dynamics, concerns, and wants of the folks who are the backbone of the Democratic Party.  You can’t run a representative body effectively unless you actually know what those you represent want, duh! Lastly, and following the second point, Ben will bring a democratic sentiment to the DNC.  Administrating within a political organization like the DNC is about looking out for those who are governed for and Ben knows this.

    In these passionate political times, it’s easy to “go negative,” even against members of our own party who have served with some distinction.

    But guys like Ben who truly care about “the people” and REALLY want to make a difference in for the better are rare, so rare that winning with whatever means necessary seems reasonable.

    Ben’s political record and compassion speak for themselves, however. When the votes are completely tallied, that should be all that’s needed to elect Ben to the DNC.  

    • Tom

      After I read an e-mail message that went out to convention delegates at 5:21 A.M. today revealing some damning facts about Ben’s anti-Dem. behavior, I expected that both BV and NLS would have been flooded with comments, both pro and con. But as of a few minutes ago when I checked NLS both Ben’s and Lowell’s blogs have gone totally silent. Not a peep from anyone so far.

      I did, however, notice yesterday that Ben had taken down the part of his blog that listed the 5 NoVa Dem. committee chairs he had earlier claimed had endorsed him, which is good since one of those chairs did tell Ben he is not endorsing him as Ben had claimed and Ben had agreed not to use that chair’s name as a supporter or endorser. That’s the last I’ve seen of any indication of any NLS or BV activity on Ben’s candidacy.

      Just wondering why the sudden dead silence.

    • pontoon

      Mr. Burke can support anyone he chooses, but resorting to the Republican tactics of personal destruction in supporting your candidate against another is out of bounds in my opinion.  In a reply to Mr. Burke, I asked him to produce proof, documentation of his personal allegations  against Mr. Tribbett.  Have any of the women he “stalked” or “bullied” filed charges?  He replied with an email telling me to call this person or that person.  It’s not my job to confirm his allegations.  If he can’t prove them, he shouldn’t make them.

      The way it looks to me is that some in the establishment are threatened by Mr. Tribbett’s success so far in his candidacy, and now at the last minute choose to attack his character.  IMHO, it is a nasty tactic and portrays Mr. Burke and Mr. Leone as spouting sour grapes.