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Protecting Troops with Clean Energy “Most Foolish Thing in the World,” Says Climate Denier


RDECOM solar panels, Djibouti, May 2011Denial isn’t just about ignoring real-life impacts of global warming – it’s also about ignoring real-life impacts of our dependence on fossil fuels. One prominent professional denier is even willing to ignore the safety of American soldiers, calling the military’s efforts to cut its need for risky fuel convoys “the most foolish thing in the world.”

Fuel supply convoys are a frequent target for insurgent attacks, with attacks on fuel convoys being responsible for over 3,000 American soldier or contractor deaths between 2003 and 2007 in Iraq and Afghanistan. Considering over 10,000 U.S. soldiers and contractors have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, fuel convoy deaths make up a sizable percentage of total casualties.

The military has responded with a furious effort to cut its need for fuel convoys increase fuel efficiency and deploy clean energy. To cut its dependence on fossil fuel-powered generators and slash fuel costs, the military is developing everything from large solar tents to provide both power & shade to small, foldable solar panels that troops in the field can use to recharge their laptops and other electronic devices.

I joined CCTV’s The Heat this weekend to talk about the impacts of global warming and what to do about it. Alongside me was longtime science denier Steve Milloy, who’s moved from taking money from Phillip Morris and denying the link between cigarettes and cancer to taking money from Exxon and denying the link between man-made carbon pollution and global warming. Milloy dismissed the military’s clean energy efforts and called for the fuel convoy status quo to continue.  

Watch here (starts at about 16:40):

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  • glennbear

    Milloy made mention of the alleged increased costs of green energy. This emphasis is typical of the right wing where everything has a dollar sign attached. The enviornmental value aside and the susceptibility of convoys to attack, what about the cost of shlepping fuel into battle zones ? Pakistan has just proposed raising the toll per vehicle headed across their country from $250 to $5000. The alternative is much longer routes across other countries who could also see it as an ATM to extort fees from DOD vehicles. Even at only $250 per truck any fuel we do not burn transporting is taxpayer dollars saved (the deficit !! the deficit !! as the Paul Ryan crowd screams constantly).

      Thanks for sharing the video of your continuing good fight Miles.  

  • Progressive86

    Doesn’t Milloy know that some of the top military brass are for clean energy? If so, how can he make the argument that he is “for the troops” but against those individuals who the troops put trust into to lead them on and off the field of battle? Also, why in world is CCTV giving Milloy any air time to begin with? As you pointed out, he isn’t exactly free from unscrupulous lobbying efforts.  

  • kindler

    …are against any kind of progress on any front.  Anyone who wants to experiment with innovative approaches must be tagged as part of some vast global UN black helicopter conspiracy.  Common sense, logic, and right and wrong are just irrelevant to people in this circle-the-wagons mode.

    And established industries like the Fossil Fuel Lobby take advantage of that paranoia to dupe yahoos into supporting them. It’s the road to making this country utterly irrelevant in the future, if we let the forces of backwardness win.