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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, May 21. Also, check out the new video, “Romney Economics: Job Loss and Bankruptcy at Ampad.”

*Mitt Romney is a coward

*RNC Chairman Says Republican Proposal For $10 Million Of Race-Baiting Anti-Obama Attack Ads Is Obama (Yes, these people have “Obama Derangement Syndrome”)

*Sen. Warner: Little support in Washington “to do the right thing”

*DPVA Chair Brian Moran defends his day job (In other words, he defends the indefensible. Brian Moran must go. Now.)

*Va. Bar Association announces US Senate debate

*New Va. voter-ID law makes it ‘tough to cheat’ (Right, as if there was sooooo much “cheating” going on before. Total bull****.)

*Md., Va. governors define and scuff the boundaries of their parties

*Dulles Rail board spends nearly $1m studying itself

*Feds found fault with MWAA

*Housing deal bust upsets Fairfax County supervisors

*Fairfax police kill man threatening them with sword

*Strasburg homers as Nats topple O’s

*Forecast: An unsettled week ahead

  • Dan Sullivan

    Your cousin is domiciled in a precinct different than yours but can’t be in town on election day? Bonus vote if he lends you his T-Bob card!

    This political trick is much ado about nothing.  

  • Dan Sullivan

    Where is this in his job description?

    “I’m making sure that everyone of our students that attends one of our schools gets a quality education and helps them find a job.” Brian Moran to the Roanoke Free Press