Willard Was a Gay Basher, Now Claims He Might Not Recall…Unless He Does


    As part of the continuing pattern of sadistic behavior (towards animals and humans) and cowardice (in every way) with Willard “Mitt” Romney, we now have this.

    A few days later, [Romney’s close friend Matthew] Friedemann entered Stevens Hall off the school’s collegiate quad to find Romney marching out of his own room ahead of a prep school posse shouting about their plan to cut [“presumed” homosexual John] Lauber’s hair. Friedemann followed them to a nearby room where they came upon Lauber, tackled him and pinned him to the ground. As Lauber, his eyes filling with tears, screamed for help, Romney repeatedly clipped his hair with a pair of scissors. […]

    “It was a hack job,” recalled Maxwell, a childhood friend of Romney who was in the dorm room when the incident occurred. “It was vicious.”

    Also note that “[t]he incident was recalled similarly by five students, who gave their accounts independently of one another.” Confronted with this, of course Willard immediately owned up to it and profusely apologized for his heinous behavior, right? Uh, wait a minute, we’re talking about someone who wouldn’t stand up to Ted Nugent, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, or a bunch of raging homophobes who just drove one of Willard’s top aides off his campaign. In other words, he’s the classic bully/coward, picking on animals and those less powerful than he is. So, of course, Willard claims he has “no recollection of the [gay-bashing] incident.” As usual, it’s a Willard #FAIL!!!

    P.S. Romney now says, lamely: “Back in high school I did some dumb things and if anybody was hurt by that or offended by that I apologize”

    • bholl


      “I used to be a young asshole. Now I’m an old asshole.”

      The more we learn about the guy, the creepier he gets.

    • harvey1941

      did anyone expect anything less from old MITTER?  Face it folks, the GOP, including George (Bigot) Allen lie when they really don’t even need to do so.

      They have no concept of what the real American desires are, they only accept that which they and their owners have dreamed up for the future of this country.

      Women?  Keep the barefoot and pregnant, keep them out of the halls of government and power.  Gays?  Stone them to death, either metaphorically (with harsh words and laws) or physically. the GOP folks really don’t care which.

      The Mittster shows his true colors everytime something like this comes up.

      My greatest thrill lately was when I bought a new home and moved out of Loudoun County.  When the folks in Loudoun elect a scumbag like Dick Black, it’s time for this old progressive to get the hell out of Leesburg.

      If Mitt does, by some fluke win this election, perhaps my Canadian friends will allow me to visit them for about four years????

    • pontoon

      him a “Wild and Crazy Guy.”  Well this was pretty wild and crazy…and what a lie that he doesn’t remember such an incident.  You don’t pin somebody down and cut their hair without remembering.  

    • Wow.

      One former classmate and old friend of Romney’s – who refused to be identified by name – said there are “a lot of guys” who went to Cranbrook who have “really negative memories” of Romney’s behavior in the dorms, behavior this classmate describes as “like Lord of the Flies.”

      The classmate believes Romney is lying when he claims to not remember it.

      “It makes these fellows [who have owned up to it] very remorseful. For [Romney] not to remember it? It doesn’t ring true.  How could the fellow with the scissors forget it?” the former classmate said.

    • kindler

      …he really might not remember because it was no big deal to him — just another day at the schoolyard.

      I was bullied a few times in school and those incidents are some of the clearest, most visceral childhood memories I have. For the victim, it often stays with you forever.

      But for the bully?  Ho-hum — where’s my next target?