Bruce Shuttleworth Robocall Falsely Claims Joint Conference Call with DNC Chairwoman


    We’ve done several posts on 8th CD Democratic candidate Bruce Shuttleworth (running against incumbent Rep. Jim Moran) already, and each time it’s been something weird and even wacky. For instance, here’s Mr. Shuttleworth shuttling over to ask Falls Church Republicans to vote for him in the Democratic primary June 12. In contrast to his outreach to Republicans, Shuttleworth has rarely been seen at a Democratic event. Then there was this bizarre robocall from Fidel Castro and Louis Farrakhan fan Benjamin Chavis, Jr., who was removed by the NAACP board amidst “a flurry of accusations of financial and sexual improprieties, which almost buried the NAACP’s civil rights record.”

    So what now, you ask? Well, last night Shuttleworth put out a robocall, claiming he’d be doing a conference call today with DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on women’s issues. One Arlington Democrat who received this call, Cragg Hines, told me it went like this:

    About 6:15 pm last night (just as I was getting ready to go to ACDC monthly meeting), I got a robo-call from a British-accented woman identifying herself as from the Shuttleworth campaign. I believe there was a generic fair-wage-for-women sentence before a pitch to join Shuttleworth on a conference call today (Wednesday, at 1 pm, I believe) with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on women’s pay. Recording said if you wanted to participate in the call, press 1 to be put on a list (or perhaps to be called back for the conference call).

    So, I checked with DNC Chair Wasserman Shultz’s communications advisor, Jonathan Beeton, to find out if there was any truth to Bruce Shuttleworth’s claim. In short, there was none whatsoever – zip, zero, nada. To the contrary, as Beeton explained, this call was simply “one of several monthly constituency caucus calls the Chair is making this week, with several thousand total participants.” Beeton added, “While these are important calls, no one should be portraying them as an endorsement of any participant.

    So, just to be 100% clear, that’s all Bruce Shuttleworth might have been – a participant in a conference call with 2,000 other people – not doing a joint conference call with the DNC Chair, or having any kind of privileged position on the call, or being endorsed by the DNC Chair, etc, etc. I’d also point out that, given that this call was for women, and only for those invited, it would be a bit odd if Bruce Shuttleworth was a participant, but I suppose it’s possible he jumped on anyway. That’s bad enough, but to put out a robocall to 8th CD Democrats implying support from the chair of the DNC takes it to another level – and not a good one in any way – altogether. #FAIL

    • Dan Sullivan

      and he crossdressed to blend in with everyone invited to the call.

    • Shuttleworth2012

      Not ALL democrats were invited. Its a shame that some people think that men can’t support women’s rights.

    • Paba

      I understand when an eccentric pops up in an election with little staff, money, or network and runs just to be seen, but this is strange. I assume it’s just some dark outside money. What’s this guy’s profession? I’m inclined to think he works down deep in the bowels of the DC political money beast…

      I have a question for Bruce or his representatives if he’s reading: what do you think of the Citizen’s United decision and do you believe anything should be done, ranging from disclosure laws and spending limits to an actual constitutional amendment, to counter it?

    • kevj

      Mostly over how it has covered this campaign.  I have lived here since 2000, voted and participated in every election and I volunteer.  I have no desire to be a power broker or leader in the party but i really do think that we need and have needed new blood for ages- especially in Alexandria where i live and vote. Unfortunately the incestuos nature and cliqueyness of the Dem party apparatus here makes that difficult.  The vehemence of your attacks on Mr. Shuttleworth is very interesting.  Even the attacks on Mr. Chavis struck me as petty and over the top and reading these comments i feel the same way about this NON-issue!!  It is no wonder that newcomers don’t put themselves out more here because this is how they are treated and seriously Mr. Moran is NOT a paragon of virtue.  At least the Shuttleworth campaign isn’t hitting back at you by taking him down on character and we all know they could.  If you have valid complaints about Mr. Shuttleworth and his record or views fine- but seriously you are better than these small, snarky and to me, meaningless attacks.  Now go ahead and let ME have it!!

    • Paba

      Look, I’d consider a good challenger to Moran in the right circumstances. Shuttleworth seems like he really wants to be a congressman, but I don’t know if he really did his homework before prepping for this run. Just a lot of dumb, easily seen mistakes, some superficial, some serious. I think he should have started smaller. Get to know the activists in the party you want to represent. Has he been involved in the local party at all or been recruited by anyone in the local party? Not that it matters, but it helps keep people from wondering who you are and where you came from in challenging a relatively popular local congressman. I mean, he should have expected this.

      Why didn’t he try running in a smaller race first, or try starting out by not hurling mud at a known commodity (people know Moran is cranky, but many don’t seem to care)? Starting small shouldn’t be a problem if you really want to represent the interests of the region and not just have a cool office on the Hill.

      Also, I’m pretty sure I was on the email list for that conference call. Lots of people on the DNC list were. I usually delete those things, though.