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Del. Patrick Hope: “Supreme Court Decision is Historic Day for Over 30 Million Uninsured Americans”


From my delegate, Patrick Hope (D-Arlington):



June 28, 2012


Supreme Court Decision is Historic Day for Over 30 Million Uninsured Americans


Arlington – The United States Supreme Court today issued a historic decision sending shockwaves throughout our country that will affect every American.  The decision involves a challenge by opponents of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which seeks to expand access, coverage, and improve the quality of care to nearly every American.


Delegate Patrick A. Hope (D-Arlington) reacted, “This is a historic day for over 30 million uninsured Americans.  Never again will the sickest and neediest consumers have to put up with lifetime caps on coverage, or will women have to pay more for health insurance than men, or will insurance companies be allowed to discriminate against anyone with a pre-existing condition.”  Delegate Hope continued, “Thanks to Obamacare, the new norm will be allowing young people to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26, free preventive benefits for seniors, and the opportunity for over 30 million uninsured Americans to access high quality, affordable health insurance.” 


Since the law went into effect, Virginians have felt the benefits of the Affordable Care Act:

·         1,498 Virginians have gained coverage through the pre-existing condition insurance plan;

·         66,000 young adults in Virginia have gained health insurance through their parent's plan;

·         2,974,000 Virginians no longer have a lifetime limit on their health insurance plan; 

·         1,519,000 Virginians' private insurance has added coverage of preventive services without cost sharing; 

·         837,645 Virginians with Medicare have received free preventive services; and

·         84,977 Virginians with Medicare saved money on prescription drugs. 

Delegate Patrick Hope concluded, “Now that the courts have finally ruled, it’s time Virginia got to work to fully implement the law.  I call on Governor Bob McDonnell to bring the General Assembly back into session this year to make the provisions contained in the Affordable Care Act law in Virginia.  Specifically, priority number one is to enact legislation giving Virginia the legal authority to implement health insurance exchanges so that small businesses and individual consumers can access high-quality, affordable health insurance.  I can think of nothing better we can do to help prop up our economy than to make health insurance affordable for all Virginians.”

Patrick A. Hope is a Member of the Virginia General Assembly as the Delegate from the 47th District representing part of Arlington County.  He serves on the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee and House Health, Welfare, and Institutions Committee. 


    Virginia – June 28, 2012 – News Release – Today, the United States Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement, the Patient Protection and Affordable Cart Act.

    “Healthcare represents 18 percent of the U.S.’s gross domestic product but too often was an unaffordable luxury to many young people and working families,” said Virginia Young Democrats Executive Vice President, Antonio Elias. “The president’s efforts on healthcare have made it a functional reality for millions of Americans who could never have afforded basic coverage under the rising costs within the system.”

    “President Obama’s fearless leadership on this critical issue is a hallmark of his presidency,” said VAYD Political Director Hannah Wiegard. “Under his leadership one of the greatest areas of inequality, access to affordable health coverage, has been expanded to all Americans.”

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides millions of Americans access to health coverage.

    “Provisions of the law allow people under 26 to remain on their parents’ health plans, provide drug coverage for seniors, and prevent individuals with pre-existing conditions from being denied health coverage,” said VAYD Communications Director James Lewis. “The law is a landmark achievement, and this is a historic day for our President and his leadership.”