GOP Applauds Webb’s and Warner’s Inexcusable Anti-Environmental Votes


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    Predictably, the GOP applauds Warner’s anti-environmental vote:

    Both Democrat Virginia Senators And Three Other Democrats Joined 41 Republicans Supporting A Measure To Overturn New Obama-EPA Regulation That Targets Coal-Fired Power Plants

    All of us should be deeply disturbed at the inexcusable vote yesterday by Senator Mark Warner (and Jim Webb) against the US EPA and for Big Coal when he voted with Oklahoma climate denier Senator Inhofe to roll back the EPA’s new rule limiting mercury emissions.

    Putting the interests of Big Coal and companies like Dominion over the well being of children whose intellectual capacity will be harmed for life by mercury is unacceptable. This vote was a breach of the public trust.

    One has to question why Warner would vote against President Obama in an election year in our critically important swing state of Virginia. I suggest that you call his office at 202-224-2023 and ask him.  

    • MorrisMeyer

      Told the staffer that if Senator Warner wants to caucus with the pro-polluter party he should change parties.  There is no place in the Democratic party for folks that want to roll back environmental regulations and let polluters put their toxins free and clear into our air and water.

      I also made it absolutely clear that if the Senator wishes to continue in this vein that there will be no support for him in our household.

    • K in VA

      Webb’s not running again, so why is he serving the coal bosses? Warner I understand; he’d never do anything to ruffle the feathers of any business interest. And Webb hasn’t been any better in the past — but why does he have to spend his last months as a United States Senator being an anti-environment, pre-coal, king-size panderer? Why?

    • hrprogressive

      Has been such a disappointing Senator.

      I wish it was he who was retiring already and not Webb.

      Can we recruit Tom P to take over? Pretty please?

    • kindler

      …to have Democratic Senators that make the Republicans so happy.

      I’d love to hear Tim Kaine show the cojones at this point to pledge to vote differently on these issues.  What has he got to lose?  Allen will get the pro-dirty energy vote regardless.  

    • churchlanddem

      We had a Senator from West Virginia (wow) say what needed to be said. Jay Rockefeller’s speech is worth a listen.