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IKEA, Stihl, Others Staying Without Handouts


Without gifts from the Governor or a phone call while he was in town, they’re still here. McDonnell’s European itinerary ignored business partners. Apparently his concept of trade is soybeans, timber, and wine in exchange for German autos. Potentially a long-term barter arrangement is in the cards; never industrial expansion.

Bent on turning Virginia into an agrarian backwater where oversimplified mantras can survive in the protective bubble of isolation, Governor McDonnell continues to push products for which there is plenty of demand and very little justification or opportunity for increased production. And even if the demand justifies expansion, the number of middle class jobs that could be created remains at the margin. Raw materials rather than manufactured goods seem to be the order of the day…skipping the entrepreneur and any hope of value added. See McAuliffe’s efforts to turn raw timber into finished, high demand wood pellets.

Of course, McDonnell might be unhappy with one of those he cold-shouldered. Despite Virginia’s status as a right-to-work-for-less state and his leadership, employees at the Danville IKEA plant elected to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers last year. Obviously the free market would treat Virginia better if unfinished lumber were sold to an offshore manufacturer to supply products to the store in Woodbridge.

And, with UVA’s future teetering, McDonnell is off fishing for another job. Poorly choreographed dog and pony shows are the feature of this administration. Obviously a cameo appearance in Utah is much more important than any leadership role in his own state. McDonnell’s statement on the turmoil is an indictment; he is trying to wash his hands. Just how does the board’s resignation resolve the situation?

Maybe he’ll offer UVA $6 million to remain in Charlottesville.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Last year, Terry McAuliffe told us that McDonnell and the GOP in control of the state didn’t offer him any incentives to site his plant in Virginia. Of course, the reason is blatantly political. A Virginia plant would have enhanced Terry’s chances of becoming governor.

    Terry also told us he didn’t understand why Virginia did not make a bid for the Boeing plant now located in South Carolina, saying he would have called the Boeing CEO, whom he knew well, and pushed for a location in Virginia.

    It’s time for voters in this state to elect someone in 2013 who can actually be a “jobs governor.”

  • Bumble Bee

    Unfortunately the bulk of No Jobs Bob’s support comes from the rural areas of the state.  These are crimson red areas and are true agrarian backwaters.  These people vote against their own interest all the time.  They hate those people living in the more prosperous and more populated parts of the state. Too bad for them that their agrarian masters, the rural oligarchy, do not have their best interests at heart but are more than happy to rip them off by offering large tax breaks to themselves, the big landowners, to “keep our rural county from becoming Fairfax” with no offset to balance the revenue stream.  It is why Northern Virginia pays most of the educational expenses for Southside.  I believe that N. VA ought to secede to Maryland, they are not quite as brain dead over there. Then lets see what happens to down state.