Repeat It Often Enough And Sway the DPVA


    Apparently the DPVA is now the Democrat Party of Virginia, surrendering to conservative talk show terminology. The right wing’s influence has crept onto the front page of its website, promoting the Portsmouth Democrat Party’s pancake breakfast this morning. The editing is inconsistent, as the events promoted for both Alexandria and Fauquier still use the traditional term. Maybe this is the DPVA’s version of bilingual.

    • writing “Repubic” or something. WTF?

    • Tom

      There are plenty of examples of the DPVA failing to proof-read the stuff they post or leaving events up that have long since passed. But on this one you’re slamming the wrong people. Each city and county committee that posts their events on the DPVA web site is responsible for it’s accuracy, and that obviously includes making sure they get the their own local committee name correct.

      If you must attack someone, ask the Portsmouth Democratic Committee chair why they don’t use spell check with their own committee name added to the spell check list. But don’t blame the DPVA for an error that was not theirs, DPVA has more than enough to deal with in preparation for the 2013 state convention after the poor handling of the 2 June convention.