Video: Rep. Connolly Rips Republican-Controlled House’s “Rancor” in Contempt Vote


    Rep. Connolly asks, “Do we really want our legacy to be establishing one of the most partisan House of Representatives of all time, so clouded in judgment, so besotted with rancor and partisanship that we’re incapable of addressing vital separation of powers conflicts in a serious and fair fashion?”

    Rep. Can’tor answers (essentially): “WE DON’T CARE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

    • Wow, intense interview in GQ with Rep. Connolly:

      *”…this is about, pure and simple, a monstrous, thoroughly dishonest political gotcha. There is virtually no substance backing up this really nuclear option, we’ve never done it before. So if we’re going to do it you’d think it was of such sufficient gravity and the evidence so overwhelming that we have no choice. That ought to be the high standard. Instead it is just Darrell Issa continuing to ratchet up the stakes.”

      *”[Republicans] also make sure that you’ve destroyed him ever as a candidate for the Supreme Court. And he, clearly, is a very talented, skilled, eloquent Attorney General. Obviously, somebody quite qualified for the court someday, and they made sure they killed that. The collateral damage is the rest of the agenda. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are not wrong in saying that what this really is all about is to try to stop him from curtailing those voter suppression efforts. I think it’s actually broader than that. I think it’s the whole agenda.”

      And finally:

      GQ: Do you think there’s a racial component to it?

      Connolly: [Long pause.] I hesitate to say that. Let me just say that I have been bothered at both the Judiciary Committee and our committee at the tone and tenor of some of the very hostile questioning, and the utter and complete contempt and lack of respect to the Attorney General of the United States. Whether that has something to do with his race, I can’t say. But I have been struck with some extraordinary ugliness. I’ll leave it at that.