Want the Economy to Improve Faster? Here’s One Sure Way to Guarantee That Does NOT Happen.


    For more, see here. In short:

    Mitt Romney ran for governor of Massachusetts promising more jobs, decreased debt, and smaller government. By the time Romney left office, state debt had increased, the size of government had grown, and Massachusetts had fallen behind almost every other state in job creation. Romney economics didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.


      Richmond, VA – Former Governor and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine released the following statement regarding today’s announcement that the U.S. economy added 69,000 jobs in May:

      “It’s good that private sector jobs have grown for 27 straight months after our nation lost jobs for 25 months. But, growth is too slow and unemployment is too high.

      “On the campaign trail, I have shared the Virginia economic lessons I want to take to Washington. In Virginia, we balanced our budget by cutting more than $5 billion in spending with targeted reductions rather than across-the-board cuts.  That’s what our nation needs to do.  In Virginia, we prioritized infrastructure projects–Rail to Dulles, road expansion, building on university and community college campuses, broadband rollout–to employ people and raise the platform for economic growth. That’s what our nation needs to do.  In Virginia, we invested in our businesses and our workforce, making our economy a magnet for talent and earning us Forbes’ rating as the Best State for Business all four years of my Administration.  That’s what our nation needs to do.  And, we worked together to find common ground on our challenges rather than letting partisan politics gridlock our government or divert us into divisive battles on social issues that only hurt our Commonwealth’s reputation.  That’s what our nation needs to do.

      “Our leaders should act and Congress has an immediate opportunity.  Both Houses have transportation bills that–if enacted–could put more Americans back to work building important projects that will help grow our economy. They should take a few minutes away from non-stop political posturing and pass a transportation bill for the good of the nation.”