Educate a Friend about the New Voter ID Law


    Monday, July 9, will kick off of a new voter education drive, “Take a Friend to the DMV.” This campaign in voter ID states is meant to educate potential voters about the documents necessary to vote after the passage of restrictive laws designed to limit voter turnout, especially among Democratic demographic groups.

    In Virginia, Saint Paul’s Baptist Church in Richmond is participating in the drive. There, a DMV mobile customer service center will be onsite at the church to provide photo ID’s.

    The restrictive, unnecessary law passed in Virginia this year is less draconian than in some other states. The law Bob McDonnell signed allows a voter to present one of a number of identifications,  including 1. a voter registration card; security card; 3. Virginia driver’s license; 4. any identification card issued by a federal, state, or local government agency; 5. a student identification card issued by a 4-year college; 6. an employee ID card with a photo; 7. a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, or paycheck with one’s name and address. McDonnell also directed the State Board of Elections to send a new voter card to all registered voters.

    Confusion about the law is rampant because of the way the corporate media has “reported” the law, leading many people to believe that a photo ID is the only thing accepted. It’s incumbent on all of us to educate people about what the law does and does not require.  

    • Vote Riders — “Pledge now to help three Friends get their voter ID!

    • pol

      If not, we’re still under the old rules.  Remember, Virginia is one of those states that has to have voting law changes approved by the JD. However, I’ve been told by reliable sources that it’s likely the JD will give its approval to the new law.

    • listlady

      will provide an acceptable ID for everyone registered at his or her current address. However, it will also flag many thousands of people as having moved. To minimize hassles on Election Day, people need to be urged to update their registrations now. The OFA canvassers here in Arlington are already asking, “Are you registered at your current address?”

      We also need an educational campaign aimed at the few but fervent voters who on principle refuse to show an ID at the polls. They’re used to signing a form and then voting like everybody else. But under the new law, their votes will be set aside as provisional and will not be counted unless they show the registrar acceptable identification within a day or two.  

    • churchlanddem

      People who are registered to vote will already have the id they need?

      Wouldn’t they receive a new registration card after changing an address?

      After seeing the details of this it is not clear who is being disenfranchised by this.

    • RossPatterson

      Do you have a source for that “VOTER ID LAWS” graphic?  I’m trying to chase back to the source of those statistics, and while the image has been used all over the web, I can’t find it at (the DNC site), and searching for them finds nothing.