Politico: President Obama’s Actually Issued Fewer Regulations than George W. Bush


    Yet again, a look at the facts – data, in this case, from OMB – shows that Republican talking points are simply lies.

    It’s a staple of Mitt Romney’s talking points: President Barack Obama and his lefty lieutenants have stifled economic growth with a Politburo-style regulatory regime.

    After all, the president dropped two of the biggest regulatory bombs in memory with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and a health care law that gives the Health and Human Services Department sweeping authority to run a whole new insurance system.

    But now Obama’s making it tougher to put costly new rules in place

    …And here’s how Obama’s 1,004 rules completed as of Tuesday compares overall with his predecessors: George W. Bush had completed 1,073 rules at the same point in office, Clinton 1,775, according to the OMB database

    Yeah, I know it’s shocking to think that Mitt Romney and Republicans would just flat-out lie to the American people, but…actually it’s not shocking at all, they do it constantly. In this case, it turns out that not only are taxes the lowest they’ve been in many decades under President Obama, but the number of federal regulations is also extremely low – even lower than that radical socialist (heh) George W. Bush at the same point in his presidency, and far lower than at the same point in the presidency of Bill Clinton (you know, the era of peace and prosperity, millions of new jobs, budget surpluses, etc.). That should be the end of THAT idiotic talking point, but something tells me it will live on, like the many other zombie lies Republicans love to spout (“death panels!”), even though they are 100% false.

    • totallynext

      Not regulations.   Regulations are create for the executive branch to implement the LAWS passed by the legislative branch…geez