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Rep. Bob BADlatte Too Cowardly to Debate Andy Schmookler


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As if his repeated, demonstrable lies about the Affordable Care Act are not bad enough, Rep. Bob GoodBADlatte (R-6th) doesn’t even have the cojones to show his face with Democratic challenger Andy Schmookler in the same room. Apparently, he’s afraid of the truth. #FAIL

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Andy certainly focused that interview where it needed to be, on the failure of Bob Goodlatte to actually represent what would be in the best interest of his constituents. Ironically, I went to a rigged “town hall meeting” Goodlatte had in 2010, where he attacked “Obamacare” and said his solution was to give Americans a choice of private health plans like the choice Congress is given. Well, that is exactly what the Affordable Care Act does, except in Virginia the GOP governor, McDonothing, refuses to act to set up an exchange so that citizens can choose from among plans.  

  • Goodlatte has nothing to gain by debating Schmookler, hence no debates. I expect the same from Robert Hurt (like he did in 2010 against Perriello). Cantor won’t be debating Wayne Powell either is he’s got any sense.

    On the blue-colored side of the fence, I expect the same no-debate strategy to be employed by Bobby Scott. Scott is just as safe as Goodlatte, Hurt and Cantor are.

    Late thought: Rob Wittman is also safe in the 1st. I’m betting he won’t debate either.

  • If you’re going to make fun of Goodlatte’s name, how can you not mock “Schmookler”? 😀