Safety in Virginia Never Felt So Unsafe Thanks to VA GOP


    “Patient safety”, “caring for Virginians”, “doing what’s right for Virginians”, these are a few of the phrases that the Virginia Republican Party has used to encroach upon the rights of women and potentially stall the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. But the party has cried wolf too many times for Virginians to give the GOP the benefit of the doubt, and in the case of women’s rights and the legal right to abortion, there is clearly a disconnect between the GOP’s caring pronouncements and the facts.

    It’s difficult to say whether or not Virginian Republicans actually believe what they say about “patient safety” or “doing what’s right for Virginians.” Most likely, it’s a mixed bag of cynical Republican politicians whose only objective is restricting the rights of women and federal health care and true believers in their protective roles as state policymakers. In the end, it doesn’t make much of a difference because the final result is the same.

    The irony of the VA GOP’s efforts to limit the ability of women to undergo abortions and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) falls along two lines. In regards to the latter, the irony is obvious. The ACA will be bringing uninsured Virginians under its umbrella, benefiting many Virginians who have been denied or have not been able to afford health care.  In addition, over 100,000 small businesses could benefit from a new small business tax credit. And the GOP wants to stop all of this from happening!

    In the case of abortions and “patient safety,” Virginia released a list of locations that women can undergo free ultrasounds, locations that may not even meet the criteria of the new ultrasound abortion law. Thus, women attempting to undergo abortions may be tricked into thinking they are abiding by the law of Virginia while in fact they aren’t.

    The GOP bag of tricks is almost as large as their lack of concern for anyone or anything but their own political careers. As Virginians continue to beat back their hypocrisy, we have to imagine that history will judge these individuals as being the terrible human beings that they really are. Terrible because they are willing to trade the lives and happiness of others to meet their own ideological ends. Happy Independence Day!

    • Bumble Bee
    • totallynext

      Would be in order…  Free ultrasounds?  Does the state give grant money?

      And where’s the clause that the procedure has to be preformed by the same doctor?

      Oh n least we forget…the only reason this is law…is because two Democratic Senators voted for it!

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      The legislature put funding for pregnancy crisis centers (i.e., church-run anti-abortion centers) into the state budget during the time Tim Kaine was governor. Kaine did not uses a line-item veto to try to remove it.

      Of course, this year the GOPers in the General Assembly tried to zero out funding through Medicaid for Planned Parenthood, funding that simply pays for preventative health care (i.e., mammograms, pap tests, etc.) for poor and working class women.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Summary of new law: “Informed consent; ultrasound.  Requires that, as a component of informed consent to an abortion, at the appointment for the abortion procedure every pregnant female shall undergo ultrasound imaging to determine gestation age and shall be given the opportunity to view the ultrasound image of her fetus.”

      So, the ultrasound has to be done as part of the abortion procedure appointment, as I read the law.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      It seems that all the referral centers on the Health Dept. list are places dedicated to convincing women not to have an abortion, including giving false information about the procedure.