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To the South: NC Republican Hypocrites Try to Crush Five Small But Feisty Non-Profits


I was ROTFL.  Then I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and was heard to utter “What about Karl Rove?” between guffaws.  The GOP is, if anything, funny.  They are, that is, when they are not being outrageous, hypocritical, and abusive. The NC branch of the party of Tea-Baggers, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Arthur Pope, Pat Robertson, the late Jerry Falwell, the Koch Brothers, and Americans for Prosperity, people who invented abuse of the system for their own partisan and for-profit purposes, claims that five liberal social justice groups (God forbid–snark) has crossed the line. You know how the GOP hates the words “social justice.” The party which brought us Citizens United and limitless cash on a SCOTUS silver platter are complaining about a few small groups calling them out for doing so.

Here they are pretending that these five NC non-profit groups, some of which  have informed people about the corporate influences behind TeaPublicans, should be investigated by the IRS and lose their tax exempt status. It sure sounds like the GOP cannot handle even a morsel of what it dishes out. It especially cannot stand it when said morsels hit a nerve and are true. Are they really trying to say Republicans can do whatever they want, but progressive groups cannot even tell the truth?

The targeted groups seem to think that the Teahadists are trying to put one over on the citizens of this state. And so they spoke out. Some of them got together and launched a website to protest how, well, out of control the TeaPublicans are.  

By any measure, the Teahadists of NC are way out of control. They took mountains of corporate cash to take over the reins of power in the NC Statehouse and they serve the interests of no one but their corporate sponsors. Along the way, they have had time to gut more schools, lay off more teachers, eviscerate the state’s Racial Justice Act, and manipulate a late night vote to allow fracking over the governor’s veto.  (Yeh, they had a little help from a Democrat who pushed the wrong button).  There is another story there, though and that is how they got the number of vote switches to override.  Maybe the five groups should investigate that!)

The GOP got the most hateful, punitive homophobic gay bashing amendment on the ballot and deceived the public about it. The list  goes on. All of it done in honor and in homage to Art Pope and the Koch brothers. As in other states,  Republican leaders use ALEC legislation lock, stock and barrel. And they have the nerve, these minions of the corporatism, whose own side uses Karl Rove’s American Crossroads to wipe out the effect of regular voters donations to protest a few small groups which do not appear to have crossed the line into illegality.

A glance at the groups targeted by the NC GOP reveals that this is nothing but punishment for revealing the truth.  The Institute of Southern Studies revealed information about Art Pope and those with connections to Pope  heavily funding TeaPublicans in NC. According to WRAL, the North Carolina Justice Center’s Policy Watch arm raised questions about GOP Rep Stephen LaRoque, which led to his indictment.  

Other groups targeted by TeaPublicans include Democracy North Carolina (you know, you wouldn’t want that-snark), Progress NC (which produced TV ads informing the public of GOP gubernatorial candidate’s background as mayor of Charlotte), and Project Ricochet, Inc. of NC (which works to protect at-risk kids). You get the drift.  It is obvious that where the GOP is concerned, what’s good for the goose is just not OK  with the gander.

PS Where do I sign up for these groups?  Seriously, I know where.  And I had seriously thought about it before this happened. Now, it is far more likely.  Hope the abusive GOPhers of NC regret their bullying. But they won’t.